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“Puff!” After leaving the Sky Tower, looking at the long-lost bright sun and golden seashore, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

The mission is accomplished!

I got the soul jades!

Teacher Casina must have expected everything, so that I could accomplish my goal so easily.

No wonder that she was the sixth Sky Sword, the master of the Sands of Time.

Yun Xi didnt even doubt that she could see the future from the hourglass on the Sands of Time.

Looking at the two soul jades in his hands, Yun Xi was excited.

Because he entered the Sky Tower in the method of projection, he couldnt take out any material object from the tower.

However, a soul jade was a rare treasure that was both material and virtual, it was bound with its owners soul, because it was so valuable.

“Na… nana… na…” In a happy mood, Yun Xi walked out of the door of the Sky Tower and then knocked his head on something cold and hard.

“Ouch!” In a daze, a warm hand pulled him up.

Looking up, he saw a pair of familiar silver-gray eyes, which were cold in his memory but were warm with joy at the moment.

“You did well, disciple of Casina.” The guardian of the Sky Tower, the oldest Sky Swords voice sounded clear and euphonious.

Compared to her cold attitude before, she was like a block of melting ice, giving him a feeling that spring was coming.

“Oh… oh… I… Im good…” Yun Xi was tongue-tied, just like every young boy who first saw his dream lover.

He didnt know what to say and what expression he should put on his face.

Even though he was the White Emperor, the Master of Star Go, essentially, he was just a 16 year old boy, who felt annoyed not to long ago because his childhood sweetheart would leave him.

He was dumb in the face of the girl who would only appear in his dream.

“Yes, you did well.

You are as good as Casina.” The old guardian held his hands with a gentle look.

Year after year, she saw a lot of people go to the Sky Tower and leave, but the points of the Sky Tower was still slowly declining.

If it wasnt because of Casina, the Sky Towers points would have dropped to the bottom.

Her emotion as a “human” was gradually vanishing.

Bit by bit, the Sky Sword Gods Domain and the oldest Sky Tower, only made the guardian of the Sky Tower feel disappointed.

She stood for absolute order, so she couldnt change the rules of the Sky Tower, neither get into the Sky Tower.

Casina the Battle God was the only Sky Sword who was still maintaining the past glory of the Sky Tower.

Without her performance on the Battle Gods Championship Contest, the Sky Tower may have been forgotten by people.

In the past, the Sky Tower was as famous as the current God Tower, but now, only Casina was still keeping up appearances.

People had forgotten the achievement of the Deicide Sky Swords.

“I hope you can make persistent efforts, seeking for thereal meaning of the towers.”

As the guardian of the Sky Tower, she had stayed here too long, so much so, that she almost forgot the reason why she couldnt leave.

“Yes… I will…” In the blink of an eye, Yun Xi had forgotten his idea of “never coming to the Sky Tower again”.

“If possible, can you tell me your name”

He still wanted to know her name, he was eager to meet her again.

As long as the Sky Tower is here, she will be here, right

In this case, even if he had escaped from the Sky Sword Gods Domain, he could still meet her.

Thinking of this, he couldnt stop his smile.

“You… you can know my name…”

“Im the guardian of the Sky Tower, the holder of the Azure God Sword, the arbitrator of the Sky Sword Gods Domain.”

“My real name is Lilibet Elizabeth… before I became the guardian, people called methe Azure God Sword Dancer.” Maybe it was because she hadnt spoken for a too long time, her voice still sounded cold.

However, as she spoke, the door of her memories was slowly opened, she gradually recalled her appearance when her god sword hadnt been awakened, and she was still the child of a god on the battlefield of gods and demons back then.

She lost everything in the Twilight of the Gods.

Apart from her Azure God Sword, she didnt have anything.

Her homeland had vanished into the void along with the old great gods, buried under the ashes of history.

After losing everything, she finally chose to be the guardian of the Sky Tower and the arbitrator of the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

The fast increasing points of the Sky Tower was like a key, arousing the frozen “Azure God Sword Dancer” from the deepest side of her heart.

Yun Xi didnt understand what he had brought for the Sky Tower.

He didnt understand how important his title of ” Master of Star Go” was.

After the Deicide Sky Sword disappeared, and West Queen started to ignore the world outside Kunlun Gods Domain, only one Sky Sword, Casina was still kicking in the Sky Tower.

Based on the rules of the seven towers, the points Casina won for the Sky Tower was far from enough.

However, Yun Xis performance helped the Sky Tower earn a lot of points.

On the list, the ranking of the Sky Tower had risen to the fifth place.

Apart from Casina, the points Yun Xi earned was more than all the other people in the Sky Sword Gods Domain!

“Lilibet Elizabeth…” Yun Xi repeated her name several times, and thanked Teacher Casina in his heart.

“Dont worry about your identity, as the guardian of the Sky Tower, I will protect you.”

She brandished her azure sword and gave him her promise.

“Protect… me… she wants to protect me…” Suddenly, Yun Xi found that the world was so wonderful.

At this moment, even his worry about his ex-girlfriends totally vanished in his heart.

Playing Star Go is really a good thing!


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