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“We lose!” General Lortons face turned pale while his heart was immersed in joy and intoxication.

Its a conspiracy, everything is Cyber Elf Alphas conspiracy! She didnt only want to seize their control over the human world, but also wants to cut off the foundation of their rule.

Now, everyone knew that Cyber Elf Alpha didnt aspire to kill or rule.

As a god, Alpha didnt need those things at all.

Her goal had been clear from the beginning: more Planet Quadrant Computers! Stronger computing power! Challenging the strongest enemy!

As the supreme god of the Mechanus Gods Domain, she gambled everything on herself to get the highest glory.

When people understood this, the biggest contradiction between them and Alpha disappeared.

In contrast, the brainwashing of the Star River nobles had completely failed.

“What should we do now”

“Detonate all nuclear weapons and retreat!”

“What a bastard Alpha is! Her brainwash is even better than us!”

The remaining nobles sent messages to General Lorton through secret communication channels, but they only saw General Lortons desperate face.

“Its too late, we have lost!”

“Alpha has woken up! We have failed!”

“However! The Star River nobles will never surrender to anyone!” General Lorton opened the table in front of him and smashed it with his fist.


“Lorton, are you crazy We havent retreated yet!”

“Stop, Lorton.

Are you going to kill us all together!”

A red button emitted a piercing alarm, which was the ultimate means of detonating all nuclear weapons.

“Alpha, you woke up too late!”

“Die with us!” General Lorton calmly judged the situation and made the most appropriate choice.

Once ordinary people understood Alphas real intention, they wouldnt be deceived by the Star River nobles again.

Alphas behavior had forcefully overturned the rule of the Star River nobles.

When did she discover it When did she find that the most important thing to rule mankind was to give them hope

Human beings.

As long as there was hope, human beings could live, no matter how desperate the situation was, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, people would still strive for living.

It was through constant propaganda and false accusation that the military made people believe that Alpha was a demon who tried to destroy the world, thus gaining the legitimate authority to launch nuclear weapons.

They held all the media channels and brainwashed the people over and over again, so that people believed that they must fight against Alpha at all costs.

After the lie had been repeated thousands of times, not only ordinary people, even the vast majority of the Star River nobles believed their lie.

They really regarded Cyber Elf Alpha as the root cause of death.

Lorton knew the truth, he also knew that they werent able to defeat Alpha.

However, the Star River nobles wouldnt just see Alpha take over their control and do nothing!

They had planned to sacrifice all the ordinary peoples lives to kill Alpha.

Even if they failed, they could also run away from the Mechanus Gods Domain.

With huge resources, they had found a way out from the beginning, which was also the root of their courage to challenge Alpha.

Alphas ignorance of their false accusations had become an advantage they could take advantage of.

Anyway, you dont care if we blacken you and attack you.

Ha ha, what a stupid god you are! This god is just so so!

Detonating all Planet Quadrant Computers by using nuclear weapons were just a part of their plans.

They also had longer-term plans, such as waiting for the end of the nuclear winter in the Mechanus Gods Domain and returning with ordinary people from other gods domains.

By then, no one would remember what they did to the Mechanus Gods Domain, because everyone who knew about it wouldve been dead at that time.

They would become saints of the new world as pioneers praised by countless people, and even be regarded as the incarnation of gods.

The dead couldnt speak, and history would only be written by the winners!

“Boom!” In the last explosions of nuclear weapons, General Lorton died with satisfaction.

Human beings perished.

This time, even the Star River nobles didnt escape.

Under the baptism of the most powerful nuclear weapons, the last hope of mankind was also covered by nuclear dust.

The Mechanus Gods Domain ushered in another round of end.

“Reboot.” Alpha lifted her finger and pressed the switch on the stage to reboot the entire world.

Until his death, General Lorton still didnt know that he had just repeated the same choice he had made in the previous 1000 experiments.

The entire world was just a virtual world Alpha used to deduce the future.

Mankind was still extinct this turn, but at the last moment, someone brought the dawn to the Mechanus Gods Domain.

General Lorton just destroyed a virtual world.

But what “Qian” brought was a way to solve the biggest contradiction in the real Mechanus Gods Domain.

Even in the nuclear winter, in a world where mankind had given up hope, the girls song still brought people hope.

Therefore, In the real world where the contradiction between human beings and Alpha was still sufferable, this power could change the fate of the entire Mechanus Gods Domain.

This was in line with Alphas ability, to find the tiniest possibility in countless random chaotic events.

Only with Alphas computing power could she transform the real human beings into data, and then observe, record and search for the best solution.

“So… We need to let them understand…”

“What am I, where did I come from, what do I want” Alpha smiled and embraced the girl next to her, surrounded by the avatars of Planet Quadrant Computers clapping their hands.

“Well done, Qian!”

“You are our pride!”

“This problem has been solved at last.”

“Human beings are still so foolish, but at last they are not hopeless.”

“They cant even figure out such a simple thing themselves, indeed, they are just monkeys.”


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