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After the sad murmur, the queens expression suddenly changed, full of pure curiosity.

The extremely strong contrast caught Yun Xi off guard.

There was a kind of emotion called irresistible.

There was an impulse called sudden.

Before entering the gate, he reminded himself countless times.

What I will encounter is the enemy.

I will never commit the mistake of killing my father and marrying my mother.

What a joke! Im not the main character of a third rate drama!

I came to the world of dragon war to challenge the invincible dragon, not to marry some inexplicable queen, and really to be the king of this kingdom.

Even though he was hostile to the degenerated king and forced to battle, he never thought such a thing would come true in his mind.

Only fighting was the main theme of the star trials!

However, now holding the queen in his arms, the queens little feet were gently shaking in his left hand and her soft black long hair was scattered on his right hand, which smelled good… this temptation was too strong!

In the face of the doll-like queen, Yun Xi couldnt say “no” at all!

The kings of this kingdom, were you unable to resist such a temptation, so you finally touched the dark side of the queen

“…” For the first time in a thousand years, the queen of Assyria was in contact with another humans skin.

She showed a dazed expression on her face.

After the destruction of the kingdom of Assyria and the night of blood moon, the king who guarded the Forgotten Ruins could be said to be the Queens “Knight”, continuing to perform the oath of their ancestors, swearing allegiance to the queen of Assyria generation after generation.

Watching over the Forgotten Ruins was the mission of this last kingdom of mankind.

Because of this, the existence of the queen of Assyria was a semi-open secret in the royal family.

Only the best and most powerful members of the royal family were eligible to be elected “princes”.

When the king could no longer fulfill his duties as a knight, the prince would inherit the mission of the royal family, come to this lake, and swear allegiance to the queen of Assyria sleeping on the throne of spiders.

For the queen of Assyria, that was the last remaining goodness after becoming “nonhuman”.

The red crescent in the lake reflected the Queens last human nature.

The doll-like girl figure was the Queens best dream.

When the queen was still twelve years old, she was carefree and blessed by everyone.

Everyone was looking forward to her, because she had the most excellent bloodline of all queens, and would become the greatest millennium queen.

As early as the age of 12, there were nobles proposing to the young queen, which also made the queen full of longing for marriage.

The other half of her future must be perfect and could accompany the queen for thousands of years.

She kept dreaming about what her lover would look like.

A prince on a white horse, or a hero who could slay dragons

The 12-year-old queen of Assyria had a magnificent future.

Not only she, but everyone believed that the queen would make Assyria prosperous and immortal for thousands of years.

It was predicted that the queens lover would be the best knight.

Others imagined that the queens lover would be as perfect as the queen.

The 12-year-old queen described the outline of her future with such a simple fantasy.

As for what happened later, it belongs to the tragedy of the immortal millennium queen.

The queen who appeared in the underground lake of the kingdom had no such trouble.

She was like a princess Sleeping in a dream, and her time was forever frozen at the age of 12.

For the evil queen, this was the last dream and the reason why the world was not yet destroyed.

In order to protect the dream of the queen and the hope of the world, the kings of the kingdom come here from generation to generation to swear to the young queen under the bloody crescent moon.

They would continue to protect the Queens Kingdom, and their loyalty would not change for thousands of years.

The queen who guarded the Kingdom had never changed.

There was only one person from beginning to end.

All the so-called kings were knights of the queen.

This was the oath that had lasted for thousands of years, and it was also a curse.

None of the kings who guarded the kingdom had a good end.

All of them touched the dark side of the great queen and degenerated in the bloody moonlight.

Even so, the guardians, who were called kings continued their mission from generation to generation, and they couldnt even let go of this dedication until they died.

But none of them had really touched the queen.

Even though she was young and knew she was dreaming, the queen of Assyria was still the most powerful queen with thousands of years of magic power.

The spiders would tear any living creature who dared to get close to the queen to pieces.

The huge black spider was a monster from another time and space.

Its existence itself was the strongest protection.

The kings of the kingdom, the knights of the queen could only kneel in front of the Queens skirt and swear allegiance to the great millennium queen.

The only way for the kings could do was to come to the edge of the lake, staying far away from the spiders, watching the queens sleeping face.

No one could break through the spider swarm like Yun Xi.

He didnt arouse the hostility of the spiders even after directly touching the queens body.

For the queen, the kings were just a kind of sacrifice, which was her last thought of the world and the kingdom she was guarding.

Every time she woke up, she would find that there were more spiders around her, and there would be a new knight who vowed to be loyal to her.

Tonight, there was a brand new face in the spiders.

“Will you marry me”

The 12-year-old queen smiled like a 12-year-old girl who was playing the game “play house” with a doll in the garden.

“… Yes.”


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