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“Hiss!” After the battle, Yun Xi looked at his ragged clothes and took a breath.

His whole body was bruised and there were many small scratches all over his body, as if he had been gnawed by countless ants.

If he didnt have the Hard Body, he probably would have been crushed to pieces by this seemingly petite girl.

In her seemingly weak body, there is the power of a monster.

If there is no such weakness as drowning, she can probably roll on to the other side of the horizon.

“What a monster…” He reached out and pinched the little face of the unconscious girl.

Soft and elastic, its hard to imagine that this is a body that can withstand a thousand punches of his.

Maybe Soft Water Palm could be more effective But in the fierce battle, Yun Xi didnt have any chance to switch from Hard Body to the Soft Body.

Whats more, if he didnt use the Hard Body, just the rolling wouldve killed him.

Beautiful and powerful.

Small and dangerous.

This is Yun Xis impression of Desert Dragon Zaka, and it also makes him misunderstand the combat effectiveness of the hero rank.

Even the degenerated king was extremely difficult to deal with.

The mysterious girl in front of him can withstand the punch from a Hard Body for over a thousand times.

As for the Queen of Assyria, she could kill him thousands of times.

Well, sure enough, he is still weak and needs to work harder!

Well, lets have pity for the prince.




Being surrounded by endless blisters, the feeling that the body is bound and unable to move, the feeling of falling into the endless abyss.

This is the most frightening scene and the last scene Desert Dragon Zaka wants to see.

There are oases in the desert, but for Zaka, whose body is more than 50 meters long, those water sources cant even soak her knee.

For her, the water source in the oasis is not even a puddle.

The feeling of being immersed in the deep water, the despair of unable to move and breathe are the real reasons Zaka feels despair.

She cant swim, and once she enters the water, she will lose the support of the earths power.

Deepwater is the weakest place for her.

Even if she is a giant dragon, she also needs to breathe!

It may sound like a joke, but its really a small probability that a dragon would be drowned.

When Zaka opened her eyes and saw the sun again, she even began to feel lucky.

Great! Its not underwater!

If she became the first Desert Dragon drowned in the water… its the worst thing she could imagine.

Compared with the result of drowning, it is acceptable to be defeated by the opponent.

“You are very strong…” Looking at Yun Xi, who was roasting fish by the river with his upper body bared, Zaka stretched out and didnt mean to launch another attack.

She lost.

The other side did not use intrigue and there was no trap.

Although she didnt use her strongest trump card, the other side also didnt use his god weapon.

Its a one-on-one fight.

Its something that she likes.

Its the first time in her life that someone could roll with her for so long and so far.

This is the fight she likes.

Its a hot one-on-one fight!

Yes, Desert Dragon Zaka recognized this defeat and even began to look forward to the next battle.

If you want to be friends with a dragon, dont try to build a friendship or show your kindness.

Only when you have the same strength as the dragon, can you have the right to communicate with the dragon.

Zaka didnt mind human beings at all, in her eyes, humans are just like the small insects in the desert, not worth mentioning.

Human beings dont feel guilty because they run over small insects, and giant dragons dont feel guilty because they trample on human beings.

“You are… a monster.” Obviously, Yun Xi won, but looking at the small wounds all over his body, as well as the backache of exhausting physical strength, he didnt show any arrogance as the winner.

“Yes, I am a monster.” Zaka didnt take it for granted.

Shes a dragon that ravages the mainland, naturally, she is a monster.

“You… are you human” Desert Dragon Zaka approached Yun Xi and smelled his body.

How can he be so strong It is impossible for a weak human to have his abilities and physical strength!

“Yes… I am a pure human.

100%.” Yun Xi did not have the consciousness to become a monster, and also greatly underestimated the power of his Hard Body.

“Hum… dont pretend.

If you are not a monster, there are no monsters in the world.” With a look of contempt, Desert Dragon Zaka snatched the baked fish from Yun Xi.

“It tastes good.” Wearing his tattered clothes, Zaka cheered.

Even though she is afraid of drowning, Desert Dragon Zaka doesnt mind eating fish.

Rather, because she doesnt like water, she prefers to eat aquatic products, especially some species in the deep sea.

For example, squid, squid, squid, and squid.


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