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Chapter 747: Blood Moon Wedding (1)

Yun Xi vowed that he never thought that he would be forced into a desperate situation by Hua Yue, on the day of marriage.

Think, think, Yun Xi, you can do it! This is just a test of the dragons war.

As long as you pass this test, nothing can stop you!

Answer one – I like White Moon.

If he said so, he doesnt believe Hua Yue would accept it.

After all, the current Queen of Assyria seems to be too young.

No, thats not the answer.

Answer two – I like you, including Hua Yue, Mei Lan, Ling Ling, Lu Lu, and other girls in the Starwing Knights.

Super scums answer! Isnt it a shame to say such a thing in the public

In this way, even the young Queen of Assyria wouldnt forgive him.

Its hard to imagine what the angry queen will do.

No, its a wrong choice whether he likes “one” or “everyone”.

No matter how to answer, it will make things worse.

This is a death choice!

So, whats the possibility of answer three

I have to find out a perfect answer to this unsolvable problem, not by experience, but by perfect reasoning!

Use your brain to think, immerse yourself in the ocean of thinking, as a thinker to understand the truth of the universe, and dance in the sky of logic and calculation.

“I… what I like is… the girl who likes me and I like her.” Yun Xi stutters, saying a seemingly metaphysical answer.

“…” Hua Yues expression suddenly became full of confidence and pride.

“…” The young Queen of Assyria showed a calm expression.

“Haha…” Ling Ling laughed stupidly, as if remembering something.

“Well, thats a sly answer.” Mei Lan raised her waist, but her cheeks turned red all of a sudden.

“Its really an answer only the prince will have.” Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi, showing her doting feelings.

“Wow, what a scum! Why are there so many girls who like this guy”

“The view of human love has rotted to this extent.” Ice Dragon Zaka despises the nonsense bastard with critical eyes.

Its almost equal to saying “youre all my wings”.

What a playboys speech!

“Fortunately, my Shaheen is dedicated to me.” Desert Dragon Zaka looks at the bastard prince and shows her disdain.

On the platform, no matter Hua Yue, the girls of the Starwing Knights, or the young Queen of Assyria, they are all in a wonderful atmosphere for the time being.

At this time, the duke finally came forward.

“Then, any others who are against it” Looking at his rebellious daughter with tears in his eyes, the duke felt that his poor performance today would be recorded in history.

As the witness of marriage, his daughter actually directly questioned the princes wedding.

As an aristocrat and the princes elder, his self-respect was really going to be ruined.

“Yes.” A voice that no one would think of appeared.

This voice comes from the one that everyone cant believe.

Princess White Moon.

“Gee!” Now, even Yun Xi is stunned.

Why would the Queen of Assyria oppose the wedding!

What is happening!

At this point, the young Queen of Assyria is more shocked than anyone else.

She pressed her little hand against her neck, and could not imagine that it was the voice she said.

Clearly, she couldnt make her own voice at all.

So, who is the owner of the voice

“I dont think this marriage is right.” The voice of White Moon continues to make people wonder.

“So this wedding is not valid.”

The young queen looked at her body with amazement.

For the first time, she found that the puppet body appeared a variable that she could not understand.

She felt that soul in the puppet.

Although its still young, its like a little sprout just sprouting.

No, maybe this is the soul of this puppet, the will of “White Moon”.

So, in this small puppet body, a soul has been born

That is to say, it is her “daughter”, the real “White Moon” who opposes her marriage with the prince.

Although still young and immature, White Moon is extremely simple and strong in emotional expression, which even becomes a kind of obsession.

What is going on Hua Yue also looked at Princess White Moon in question.

It seems that something incomprehensible happened.

“White Moon, are you serious” Yun Xi looks at the Queen of Assyria with a puzzled look.

“Yes, dad… no, darling… ” White Moon said shyly and uneasily, but she couldnt help shaking her head.

Are you saying “yes” or “no” Yun Xi is completely befuddled.

Holding her neck, the queen frowned and quickly made a difficult choice.

In the Forgotten Ruins, the Millennium queen closed her eyes and slowly extended her hands.

In the underground lake, the young Queen of Assyria made the same move and stretched out her hands to the sky.

What the Queen of Assyria wants is not allowed to be taken by others.

Even if the opponent is all of the knights, or her own daughter, they can not take him away.

If you offend the queen, there will be blood!

“Prince, leave Princess White Moon.”

“We will protect you.” Hua Yue looks nervously at the Queen of Assyria, whose body is wrapped around by ominous air.

Sure enough, the demon queen is going to show her true face!

Even if she had to sacrifice her own life, she would protect the prince.

The Starwing Knights came to this battlefield only after they had this consciousness.

“Her taste has changed” Mumu curiously pinches White Moons cheek and is not afraid at all.

“Did you get something wrong” Yun Xi felt that there seemed to be a big misunderstanding between his Starwing Knights and the Queen of Assyria.

“Get married, my prince.”

In the sky, there suddenly appeared a huge handwriting, followed by, a round bloody moon suddenly appearing in the sky over the city.

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