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Chapter 760: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (14)

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, small and white, clean and bright, talk to me.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, one by one, may you bloom and grow happily.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, my lovely little baby, come on and be with me.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, my little snowflake, I want to be with you every day.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, come and find me.”

“My lovely Edelweiss, I like you.

One day, we will meet again.”

“At that time, smile at me and welcome me.”

“This is our unchanging agreement.”

Yun Xis eyes were full of tears.

At that moment, his figure almost coincided with the boy waiting by the lake.

The young boy tried his best to wait until the body could no longer support it.

When it was dark, when the body temperature almost disappeared, the lifeline of the body was in danger.

In the end, he didnt wait for the person he wanted to wait for and didnt say the words that had been prepared for a long time.

On that day, the lines of the fate of both sides were completely staggered, just like the distance between the world, gradually drifting away.

The owner of the green wing is late for a long time.

Maybe it is a period of negligible time for the creatures that can cross the sky.

But for those who are in love, it is as long as a century.

Some time, missed is missed.

Some people, you think she will always be by their side, always can see her, but suddenly, you will never find her.

Sometimes, fate is so changeable and unpredictable.

Even if you are high and have all the praise and glory of the supreme wing, you will lose your important things.

“Lvji…” Yun Xi remembered this soft and sad name.

Numerous green light spots are gathered in Yun Xis body, which is different from the violent sun walkers power, which is totally under the control of Yun Xi.

He knows nothing about how to use this power that doesnt belong to the world at all, but its not something he needs to worry about.

These forces are completely harmless to him.

Instead of being lighted by the power of the sunwalker, this power will nourish his body in reverse.

The cost is that the number of these green dots is constantly decreasing, and a large number of them are disappearing every moment.

Its the power built on sacrifice, the power to give Yun Xi unlimited protection, wisdom, and courage.

“Flowers…” Yun Xi instinctively understood how to find the most suitable carrier for these forces.

This infinite force of life has the possibility of creating all miracles.

The way in which they are used to express strength is “flowers”.

If Lvji was here, she would be able to create infinite beautiful flowers and turn the barren land into a paradise full of flowers.

What she held was just that incredible brilliance of life, an alien of the great unspeakable terror.

Yun Xi doesnt have the ability to create such magical flowers by himself, but Yun Xi knows that there is a flower with incomparable power.

Because this is also a unique flower in White Lotus Sword Domain, which makes Yun Xis heart beat constantly and lets him peep at the biggest secret in White Lotus Sword Domain.

The name of that flower is Linga!

In Yun Xis mind, the figure of the invisible flower quickly became real.

It was a flower born in this god domain in a distant era.

It took thousands of years for it to grow up gradually and be praised by people and become a legendary flower.

Its just that it has another name in the white lotus sword domain.

The Secret Treasure of White Lotus!

Linga, this is the real name of the secret treasure of white lotus.

It is a holy tree with bamboo shoots and small white flowers.

The blooming flowers of Linga have the power to engrave countless magics and evolve thousands of supernatural powers.

However, the opening time of such a magical flower is not fixed.

As long as one flower blooms from the holy tree, it can open the door of endless wisdom.

Once upon a time, a Sky Sword picked a Linga flower and opened the way to the god sword skill.

In order to thank Linga, he arranged the power to guard this White Lotus Secret Treasure, and hoped that someone would get the same inheritance the next time Linga blossomed.

His name is Yun Hai the Sky Sword.

Lingas flower is the supreme secret treasure of the White Lotus Sword Domain, and Linga Holy tree is the tree of wisdom rooted in the deepest world rules.

You can see it, but you cant get close to it, let alone destroy it.

There it is and it doesnt exist.

It is just when the Sky Sword sees it that he realizes the ultimate problem of Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

However, Yun Xi doesnt need that talent, because, at the moment, the holy tree is really in the place he can touch.

This is not a world of the Dragons War, but a more complex and wonderful field.

Lvji sacrificed the power of one of her wings to give Yun Xi a blessing, and gave him the power to contact all the extraordinary flowers.

Together with the holy tree of Linjia flowers, the holy tree also appeared in front of him.

Linga, the root of all wisdom, symbolizes the mysteries of the universe, with infinite postures and innumerable shapes.

It may be a plain grass on the road, a willow nestling together, or a long withered bodhi tree.

In different beliefs, it has different names and different attitudes.

It is the tree that accompanies the Buddhas path.

It is a bridge connecting heaven and earth.

It is a great world tree that can breed spirits.

According to the different rules of the world, Linga will take on different attitudes and have different real names.

The essence of everything is that Lin Jia itself is the embodiment of “life” and “wisdom”, a perfect rule commonly used in any world and a beautiful thing that human beings yearn for.

“Can you lend me a flower” Yun Xi curiously placed his hand on the tree, which was still in the young posture.

Its true that the holy tree in the White Lotus Sword Domain is still very small, and has not even given birth to self-consciousness.

It is as pure as a white paper.

If it wasnt for Lvjis power, no one could affect the Holy tree, even the Sky Sword.

Because it exists in the deepest part of the worlds rules.

It has no natural enemies, it cant be hurt, it cant even be observed.

The White Lotus Secret Treasure that people know is just a shadow of it left in the world.

In the past, only Yun Hai the Sky Sword had ever seen it and got its flowers.

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