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The little girl received a heavy slap to the face and fell limp on the ground.

Her face was in pain and she tasted the metallic blood in her mouth. 

A fierce woman pointed at her with one hand while placing the other on her waist.

She looked down upon the little girl and scolded, “Let this mother tell you something.

No matter whether youre willing or not, you must marry him!”

The little girl was in her early teens.

Her skinny and unhealthy yellow-colored face was painted in panic and unease.

She murmured, “…Mother, I will work harder.

Dont let me marry that person…”

The woman spat at her and scolded at the top of her lungs, “Hes our county magistrates little uncle.

You should be secretly laughing at how lucky you are to marry someone like him.

Instead, youre not interested in this and that person… Do you really think youre a young miss of a wealthy family You think you deserve anyone good with that moral integrity of yours”  

The woman wore clean gray clothes with a sparkling silver hairpin inserted in her hair.

She appeared to be kind and friendly, but her curses made her features look sinister and distorted.

With that attitude of hers, she kicked the little girls waist a few times. 

She had a sturdy body and she was powerful.

The little girl shrunk back at the pain, receiving the merciless kicks.

“Speak! Are you going to marry him or not!”

The little girl shook her head and persisted, “I refuse…”

She had seen young master Xu.

He was very fat and nasal mucus always accompanied him.

He would always drool and smile foolishly at her, calling her little wife.

She was afraid and ran right away back then. 

She didnt want to marry a fool!

“Mother, please.


The moment she just started talking, a broom whacked her on the head.

She lost consciousness and fell limp on the ground. 

“Stupid girl, you dare to pretend to be dead!”

The womans expression was a bit distorted and didnt plan on stopping her abuse any time soon, whacking the little girl with the broom time after time.

“This woman will beat you to death!”

Whack after whack. 

Qin Gui had woken up due to this pain. 

It hurts!

Her head was buzzing and she felt pain everywhere on her body.

Yet, in the next moment, countless memories flooded her mind crazily.

She transmigrated!

Not only did she transmigrate, she also transmigrated into this long historical female-lead oriented novel [Golden Age of the Pampered Phoenix]. 

The heroines name in this novel was Qin Xin, the eldest daughter of the legal wife in Zhongyi Residence.

She had grown up under exquisite care within the residence up until she was eight.

The old marquis found out that she wasnt a member of the Qin Family!

As it turned out, eight years ago, Qin Family was implicated in a conspiracy case.

At that time, the legal wife had just given birth to a daughter.

In order to save Qin Familys blood, the old marquis made up his mind right away and declared to the public that the baby was a stillborn.

Then, he secretly handed the girl to a wet nurse, and gave her a substantial amount of money as well. 

After that, Qin Family was sentenced to exile. 

Up until the crown prince ascended the throne three years later did Qin Family get to return safely.

Therefore, Qin Family went to pick up the child.

But who knew that the wet nurse, Zhao Aman, secretly handed Qin Family her own daughter in replacement of the eldest daughter of Qin Family. 

The truth was exposed, and Zhao Amans family was sentenced to exile.

Qin Xin went fromdaughter of a marquis family to a cheap daughter of a criminal, and was exiled to south China at the same time. 

Qin Xin lived a normal life in south China and finally died due to depression and a strong feeling of unresignment. 

Then, she was reborn.

After rebirth, Qin Xin obviously wouldnt allow herself to go through the same thing as she did in her past life.

She was successful in every endeavor and even the young and handsome Second Prince fell in love with her.

After she married the Second Prince, she schemed and plotted for his career, and helped him stand out in front of the princes.

He obtained the status as crown prince and ascended the throne.

In the end, she was conferred the title as empress, and lived an unprecedented life.

The plot was quick, and the omnipotent heroine was extremely satisfied with the scenes about those jealous, unresigned, ugly, and sinister female support characters.

One of the more important scenes was when the wet nurse exchanged the real young miss of a wealthy family for her own ordinary daughter.

Her name was also Qin Gui. 

The original body returned to the marquis residence again when she was sixteen.

She was crude and simple, coupled with a strong sense of jealousy.

Seeing that the entire residence pampered Qin Xin, and how she couldnt compare to her in any aspects, she made things difficult for Qin Xin and even schemed her countless times.

She had sinister methods, but was slapped in the face in the end.

Her ugly self was exposed, and her family gradually stopped feeling guilty for their actions.

Lastly, she was kicked out of the marquis residence and her name was taken off the registry book for climbing onto the Second Princes bed.

She died a pitiful death..

After figuring out the entire situation, Qin Gui wasnt looking so well.


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