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Qin Jiu pouted slightly, and was about to blow at it again, it was then she noticed two familiar teenagers walking out together from a restaurant on the street.

“Third Lady Qin.”

One of them was a young man with blue eyes that was from a different tribe, he smiled and called out at Qin Jiu, his voice mixed with a slight foreign accent among his standard capital dialect.

It was Yelu Luan, the second prince of Beiyan, and Gu Jing, the second prince, was with him.

Although she has only seen Yelu Luan once in the palace, his profound facial features were too eye-catching among the group of Central Plain people.

Also, he wanted her to marry him, Qin Jiu certainly wouldn’t forget him.

“Second Young Master Gu, Young Master Yelu.” Qin Jiu greeted softly, “If there’s nothing more to this, please excuse me.”

“Third Lady Qin, please wait.” Yelu Luan left Gu Jing behind, and strode forward to stop her.

His facial features were prominent and he was very good looking, his pair of eyes were as blue and deep as the sea, he stared right at Qin Jiu, as if she was the only one in his eyes, “Third Lady Qin, I’m fond of you.”

Qin Jiu: “”

It was the first time that someone rushed to her in public and said that he was “fond” of her, but she didn’t feel even the slightest joy.

Instead, a thought flew past her mind–

He must be up to something!

Yelu Luan continued: “In Beiyan, whenever someone meets a girl he likes, he must confess as soon as possible, otherwise, other warriors might snatch her away.”

He gave off a sense of free, wild and unruly aura that were different from those of the Central Plains, but because of his hearty smile, no one found it unpleasant.

At this moment, Gu Jing also walked over, and heard Yelu Luan’s words, there was clear disdain in his eyes.

No wonder he’s a barbarian!

The corners of Gu Jing’s lips curved up slightly.

The barbarian and the hillbilly would be a perfect match!

He remained calm, and stopped three steps away from them, he didn’t move forward anymore.

Yelu Luan looked at Qin Jiu and said, “Third Lady Qin, how do you feel about this”

Qin Jiu: “……”

On the street, some passersby also noticed the situation.

A few women all looked towards Yelu Luan and Qin Jiu as they pointed and gossiped about them.

Yelu Luan stared at Qin Jiu’s small face intensely, his expression was so focused and affectionate.

He found it very hard to get accustomed to the Central Plains’s strict customs.

But now, he feels that if he utilizes the customs well, he was already near success!

He couldn’t help but take another step towards Qin Jiu.

At this moment, a hand-held fan fell right from the window of the restaurant’s second floor……

A few people on the street saw this scene and exclaimed in shock.

All this happened so quickly that Yelu Luan had no time to react.

The hand-held fan had fallen on his head and then bounced off……

Qin Jiu subconsciously tried to catch the hand-held fan, she then looked up, and saw a familiar face looking out from the second floor’s window.

“Big Brother!” It was as if Qin Jiu saw her close family, she waved the hand-held fan which had a few lush green bamboos drawn on it, at Gu Zezhi, who was on the second floor.

Yelu Luan and Gu Jing also saw Gu Zezhi, they both had different expressions on their faces, one looked surprised and the other looked unhappy.

It’s Gu Zezhi again! Gu Jing tightened his fist, his gaze flickered.

After a while, Gu Zezhi walked out from the restaurant’s door, with a gentle smile on his face.

The warm winter sun glistened on his purple robe and he gave off a graceful aura.

Qin Jiu rushed to her savior and handed him the hand-held fan in her hand.

“Big brother, your fan, luckily no one broke it!” She meant that fortunately, she caught the fan with her hands, she was trying to impress him.

“Let’s go.” Gu Zezhi took the fan and casually said to Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu obediently followed after him, leaving Yelu Luan and Gu Jing behind.

But Qin Jiu didn’t feel so good, as if she was holding herself back.

She wasn’t dumb, and of course she knew that Yelu Luan purposely “confessed” to her in public to create a big scene.

This is the Great Qi Dynasty, it has its own customs and rules.

A lady can’t simply say whether she is “fond or not” towards a person in public.

No matter how she answers, she is at fault.

With Yelu Luan’s identity, if it was made a big issue, even if the empress disagreed, the courtiers would still force her into the marriage.

It was undoubtedly the best choice for them not to interact further in public.


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