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Then, Qin Zeyu even lifted his chin to act tough and raised his voice a little.

This girl, if he hadn’t been going easy on her, then how could she be able to beat him!

“You’ve grown some guts, you dare to even put a hand on a girl” Qin Gui looked at him with a shallow smile.

Raising her hand, she was just about to reach for the sword at Qin Zening’s waist.

Qin Zeyu jumped in shock and hastened to hide behind his big brother.

“Third Sister,I was wrong!”

The way he admitted it so quickly was just like when Qin Gui was facing Gu Zezhi.

Granny Cui looked at Qin Zeyu, then at Qin Gui, looking stunned.

Even though the Fifth Young Master was clearly looking at the Third Young Mistress like an enemy when he just returned, how did the two of them get on such good terms now after just a few days

It’s as they say, blood really is thicker than water! Granny Cui sighed in her heart.

It seems that saying was true!

“Enough fooling around, go back to your Yijia Court.” Qin Zening shook his head at the two of them with a smile.

After receiving word from his big brother, Qin Zeyu quickly ran off, as if worried that he would be receiving another beating from Qin Gui again if he dallied any longer.

Qin Gui watched his back as he slipped away and suggested, “Big Brother, why don’t you move in with him”

Qin Zening nodded his head in agreement.

He had to find a way to discipline that child!

After that, Qin Zening followed Granny Cui to Ronghe Hall.

Madam Qin was waiting anxiously in the eastern room.

When she saw that it was Qin Zening, she asked, a little surprised, “Where is Gui’er”

Qin Zening bowed and sat down next to her before responding, “Xiao Gui went back with Ah Yu.”

“Grandmother, don’t listen to Second Aunt’s nonsense.

Ah Yu is becoming more and more unruly.

Since I am the eldest brother, I have the qualifications to discipline him, don’t I”

“The eldest brother is like a father.

When Grandfather was still alive, he never spoiled his grandchildren either.

He would have beaten them as well.”

Qin Zening brought up the old marquis, blocking the words that Madam Qin had yet to even speak.

Qin Zening was quite naughty as a kid and often got into trouble.

He did in fact get beaten by the old marquis quite a lot.

So, Madam Qin could not say that it was wrong of the older brother to discipline his fellow brothers either, and her face was a little stiff.


Qin cleared her throat and could only reluctantly say, “Ning’er, Yu’er is still young…”

“Yu is already twelve, he’s not young anymore.

I have already gone off to military camp at his age.” Qin Zening smiled.

“Or does Grandmother think that I will harm Ah Yu”


Qin was stuffed up by her grandson so much that she couldn’t even speak.

This morning, when she heard Mrs.

Su say that Qin Gui was beating Qin Zeyu, she felt both anxious and angry.

Qin Zeyu had lost his parents at since birth and so the elders would more or less spoil him a little.

She herself and Xin had never even raised a finger at him, but Qin Gui actually dared to hit him as soon as she came back!!

But now, Madam Qin felt that Qin Zening had a point.

They were brothers after all.

Even if Qin Gui had been unladylike to do that to him, Ning would not have just sat by and watched his little brother get beaten.

Qin Zening changed the topic around and said, “Grandmother, Grandson wishes to discuss something with you.”

“What is it” Madam Qin’s attention had been led away.

“Since Little Sister has returned, she should take care of mother’s dowry,” Qin Zening said, “What do you think”

Madam Qin said subconsciously, “Xin’er has been managing it quite well the past two years.”

Qin Xin was taught housekeeping by madam Qin herself, and she has been able to manage Mrs.

Wei’s dowry well.

Qin Zening smiled and said bluntly without mercy, “How can I let outsiders take care of my mother’s dowry Who knows what sort of shameful things an outsider might do with it!”

“Ning! Don’t talk nonsense!” Mrs.

Qin was panicked and her brows furrowed deeply.

“How could Xin’er do such a thing!” Qin Xin had been raised by her since she was young, so would she not know what her character was like!


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