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Ch.138 Embezzlement (1)


Now wasn’t the right moment yet.

Qin Gui changed the topic and pointed to the ten thousand tael bills.

“Big Brother, the remaining silvers should be enough to buy another house, right” Anyway, since it was just a house for the three of them, it didn’t have to be too big.

Qin Zening nodded his head, thinking that his sister was still very thoughtful.

Even though they should be able to get a share of the house if their branch separates from the Qin clan, it will take time to pack up so it’s better to prepare early.

They couldn’t wrong their little sister.

Qin Zening patted his chest boldly and promised.

“I will work on this matter tomorrow.”

Qin Zeyu looked curiously at Qin Gui and his chest felt itchy.

Right at that moment, Qin Zening’s page came in and said, “Young Master, Third Young Mistress, Madam has sent Granny Zhao over.”

Qin Zening let the woman in, and Granny Zhao was led in slowly and leisurely with a polite smile on her face.

“Young Master, Third Young Master, Fifth Young Master, Madam has asked this slave to bring the bank ticket.”

Granny Zhao made a hand gesture and a maid brought over a red lacquered wooden box with carved flowers, placing it on the small table between Qin Zening and Qin Gui.

Granny Zhao said with a smile on her face, “Here are six thousand taels of silver, some land deeds, and some jewelry.”

Qin Gui opened the wooden box bluntly and there were indeed several deeds to stores and farms, as well as half a box of jewelry of decent quality.

Qin Gui smiled and said frankly, “I shall be accepting this, then.”

Qin Zeyu looked at Qin Gui with a complicated expression.

He felt that his sister looked fair and clean on the outside, but her heart was definitely black.

In just a few days, she had easily turned a deficit of more than three thousand taels to twenty thousand.

She was eating nibbling on both ends and even did it so openly!

With a flick of her sleeve, Granny Zhao left, and the maid quickly followed her.


Su was in Qiongzhi Courtyard, sipping her tea absentmindedly.

When Granny Zhao came back, she looked eagerly at the maid, and she saw her empty hands, she understood instantly and her face sank with dark clouds growing overhead.


Su felt like there was a fire burning up inside her heart and she jumped up.

Pacing back and forth in annoyance, she muttered, “Really such an unruly girl, completely shameless.

All she has in her head is money!”


Su just couldn’t stand it.

She had sent the silver, the deeds, and the jewelry together but she more or less hoped she could get out of this for free.

She figures maybe Qin Gui would still have some face and not accept the jewelry and the deeds.

After all, would she feel good about wearing them out if she gave them to her!

If people asked where the jewelry came from, could she say it

She never would have expected that shameless girl Qin Gui to actually accept it.

“Such pettiness can’t be aired out in the open.

It’s no wonder why that girl was raised that way!”

The more Mrs.

Su thought about it, the more pained she felt, chattering and cursing incessantly.

With one look, Granny Ning excused the maids next to her.

Granny Zhao said with some hesitation, “Madam, will there be any trouble if the silver is gone What if they don’t succeed…”


Su’s face sank even further and she pursed her lips in annoyance.

Of the box of deeds and jewelry that she gave to Qin Gui earlier, six thousand taels were given by someone for networking purposes, but she really had no choice but to use it for now.


Su pondered for a moment before instructing, “Granny Zhao, go and take back the money for the loan first…” Pausing, she reassured herself.

“That person came to the marquis’ residence to ask for help.

No matter whether it’s a success or not, they probably wouldn’t be in a hurry to return.”

Nanny Zhao could only dryly answer yes.

Since things have come to this, they can only take it one step at a time.


Su got angry again and slammed the table.

“That wretch Qin Xin, she lied to me! she clearly moved more than six thousand but insisted it was three thousand nine…And now I have to pay for her!”

This matter won’t be just forgotten!


Su beckoned Granny Zhao and instructed her hatefully, “Since Qin Xin wants to apology, then let her.

It would be fine to starve her for a few days.”

Granny Zhao immediately understood and answered with a smile.

At this time, the greeting of a maid could be heard from the outside.


Once hearing that Qin Zhun returned, Mrs.

Su’s eyes lit up and she looked eagerly towards the curtain.


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