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Ch.142 Embezzlement (5)


“Gu Zezhi seems quite fond of Xiao Gui.

I can see that Xiao Gui’s feelings for him is not that of mere friendship either.” The emperor smiled and said, “When the winter hunt comes around, you should come take a look as well.”

Empress Wei, “…”

And take a good look she will! How did some brat come out of nowhere while she wasn’t looking to try and abduct her Xiao Gui!

Even the Third Prince of Duan Imperial Residence is just a brat trying to steal Xiao Gui away!

“And Gu Jing.” When speaking of this second son, the emperor could not hide the disappointment on his face.

“Rongrong, I’ll have to trouble you a little to find a good marriage partner for him.

I intend to have him leave the palace and live in his own residence by the end of the year.”

In his opinion, if a prince was a little stupid, then so be it.

Anyway, being a wealthy idler was no problem.

But to be blinded by a lying and disgusting woman, he’s just plain foolish!

How can he hand the empire over to him

The emperor looked lovingly at Gu Zhen in his arms.

Fortunately, he hadn’t put too much of his hopes on Gu Jing either.

Since a long time ago he was also worried about not being able to live long.

They cannot enthrone a young emperor.

But these days, he actually felt in better spirits even without the usual medicines.

Perhaps he can live until Gu Zhen grows up and then handing the reins of the empire to him.

The main wife’s child should be the one to inherit the throne!

“Gu Zhen, come to see me after class from tomorrow.

We heard the tutor say you’ve been playing a lot recently, so We have to keep an eye on your homework,” the emperor said with a stern face.

Gu Zhen who was happily playing with his Rubik’s cube was stunned by this “terrible news”.

He even stopped moving the cube in his hands.

Similarly stunned by the news is Gu Zeyu.

Since getting beaten up by Qin Gui for staying out all night, Qin Zeyu had been much more obedient these days.

Other than the times when he went to Uncle Jianning’s house to apologize, he never went out even one step.

Even when his friends came to ask him to play, he would flat-out reject him.

He felt that he had become much more well-behaved, but his big brother came in saying he was giving him more homework as soon as he returned.

“Big Brother!” Qin Zeyu argued “righteously”, “I’m forbidden from going out now! I have to stay in the house and reflect on myself.”

Gu Zening said expressionlessly, “You don’t need to go out.

I’ve already invited a tutor home and he’s willing to teach you for Grandfather’s sake.

If you still don’t listen, I’ll tell your sister and have her take care of you!”

While he was speaking, Gu Zening’s page came over and said, “The Third Young Mistress is here.”

Qin Zening was also quiet now and looked at his brother with a smirk on his face.

Qin Zeyu, “…”

It felt like his big brother had become violent since Qin Gui came back, and he would constantly threaten him with her.

This is not good!

So, when Qin Gui came in, she was greeted by the sight of the naughty child sitting there with his head hanging in defeat.

She raised a brow and exchanged glances with Qin Zening, who said, “Xiao Gui, I’ve already bought all the things back and returned them to the treasury one by one.

They’ll be part of your dowry in the future!”

Qin Gui, “…” Do you really have to bring up the dowry this soon!

Qin Zeyu pricked up his ears and looked strangely at Qin Gui.

He figures that since his sister is such a violent woman, nobody would want her!

But if his sister doesn’t get married, then wouldn’t she be nagging at him for the rest of his life!

Just thinking about it gave Qin Zeyu the shivers.

He prayed that any man with his eyes glued shut could come and whisk her away quickly!

“And there’s also this.” Qin Zening took out a deed.

It was the store that Qin Xin asked someone to sell off and the one he asked Pei Qi to buy back.

“Keep this well.”

“The things that Grandmother gave to Qin Xin can all just be sold off.

I don’t care about the rest but this store was given by Grandfather back then, saying it was so I could make some money to buy rouge for my sister.

Now it has to be ‘returned to its rightful owner’.”

Qin Gui did not reject him and instead accepted it happily.

She received two stores in a row today, and she was in a good mood!


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