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Ch.153 Her Golden Thigh (6)


Qin Gui looked at Gu Zezhi who was holding a rabbit in each hand and she couldn't help but let out a heartfelt sigh of admiration.

She almost wanted to clap her hands.

"Big Brother, you're amazing!" Qin Gui smiled solicitously at Gu Zezhi, trying her best to pull closer to him.

"Did you use to hunt a lot"

She pondered in her heart that maybe she could get this max-level boss to carry a noob like her.

Since he knew how to hunt wild rabbits, then he could probably hunt other things too, right

Gu Zezhi seemed to be able to guess what she was thinking and nodded with a warm smile.

"Royal often brought me and my brothers hunting together.

He was the one who taught me personally to ride and shoot."

Qin Gui was stunned to hear him mention the Lord of Duan, Gu Xiao, and a strange look flashed past her eyes.

Seeing him mention his father, Gu Zezhi had a warm expression on his face, even some childish admiration.

Obviously, there was no suspicion between father and son at the moment, but it was written in the novel that he killed his father and fled.

Could something have been wrong...

At this moment, Gu Zezhi stuffed one of the rabbits into Qin Gui's arms.

Qin Gui quickly caught it.

The white rabbit was warm and soft in her hands, but its hind legs were strong and powerful.

Not far away, Du Ruo who had been forgotten by the two of them felt that it was redundant of her to follow them.

She thought to herself, the young miss might as well just keep the handkerchief...

Then, after playing around and hunting with Gu Zezhi for half a day, Qin Gui was able to bring back a lot of trophies as she wished.

She caught game, found wild fruits, and even some wild mushrooms and vegetables.

It was a full harvest.

As for the white rabbits they caught in the beginning, one of them had been delivered safely to Sixth Prince Gu Zhen.

"Cousin, this rabbit is for you! And this bow, too!"

Qin Gui not only gave the rabbit to Gu Zhen, but also the new bow she promised him before.

Qin Zeyu was also here with Gu Zhen, but he was listless and holding a bamboo arrow in his hands, casually twirling it between his fingers.

He planned to find a few friends to play with after Qin Zening entered the hunting grounds, but who would have expected him to toss him here to Gu Zhen's place and told him to play with him

Gu Zhen was only five years old, and a prince to boot.

Even if Qin Zeyu ate a pill of courage, he still wouldn't dare bring Gu Zhen into the hunting grounds to play.

So, he could only ride horses with Gu Zhen and play pitch-pot or whatever.

When he saw Qin Gui come over, he thought he could toss Gu Zhen to her and sneak off himself, but when he saw the black bow Qin Gui handed to Gu Zhen, he forgot all about that.

Qin Zeyu had never seen such an odd-looking bow before, but he suddenly remembered hearing about Qin Gui and Qin Zening mention a new type of bow before on their way to Huangjue Temple.

"Could that be the compound bow" Qin Zeyu asked.

Gu Zhen handed the white rabbit over to the young eunuch.

He couldn't wait to try out the new bow Qin Gui gifted him.

He had already been learning with the master archer for a month, so he was already drawing his bow well.

Gu Zhen lightly pulled the bow, only to see that the bow actually drew open easily.

His eyes lit up instantly.

"Cousin Gu! I pulled it!" Gu Zhen was overjoyed.

He thought that his cousin really was good to him.

Qin Zeyu was stunned and he almost dropped the arrow in his hands.

This composite bow really was as his brother said.

Even a young child could pull it easily.

His Big Brother really didn't lie to him.

That is to say, just like his Big Brother said on that day, this bow could shoot a whole 400 paces and was also powerful.

Even from 400 paces away, the arrow could still pierce 3 inches into the wood!



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