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Empress Wei felt bad inside, and she clenched her right first subconsciously.

From Youbais simple description, Empress Wei could almost imagine how bitter the girls life mustve been these past years.

But when her Zhener was in danger, she jumped into the lake to save him without hesitation.

She must be a good kid with a personality like hers.

“Youbai.” Empress Wei took in a few deep breaths to recover her mood, ordering, “Go over there first.”

“Master, the girl probably doesnt want anyone to see her injuries, so she didnt want this maid to serve her.” Youbai exclaimed.

“Right.” Empress Wei hurriedly said, “Shes still young.

A young lady like her must be sensitive.

Just wait outside.

Once she finishes showering, have her come over then.”

Youbai answered and retreated.

After an incenses worth of time, Youbai brought Qin Gui over.

At this time, the Sixth Prince, Gu Zhen, had already finished drinking ginger soup and he was in a deep sleep.

Qin Gui changed into a dry cyan-colored dress.

It was slightly big on her, making her appear even more tiny.

Empress Wei waved and had Qin Gui sit beside her, observing her carefully.

Her gaze was fiery as she outlined the girls features.

The more she looked at her, the more she felt like the girl was very similar to her sister.

Not only in terms of feature, but also their temperament and spirit.

As for Qin Xin, her niece, she wasnt like her sister or her brother-in-law.

In the past, Empress Wei didnt think much about it.

It wasnt something rare that the children didnt look like their parents.

But comparing Qin Xin to Qin Gui right now, Empress Wei was unable to suppress the strangeness inside her heart.

Empress Wei asked gently, “I dont know your name yet.”

“My surname is Qin.” Qin Gui answered well-behaved.

“Im Qin Gui.”

Her surname was Qin! Empress Weis heart skipped a beat.

This girls surname was also “Qin”…

But if it really was what she think, this girls surname shouldnt be “Qin” right now.

Empress Wei sucked in a deep breath and calmed down before asking, “Lady Qin, where are you from”

“Im from Yu Province, Jiangyu County.”

Qin Gui responded to her questions, widening her almond eyes.

Her eyes were clear like water.

Just glancing at Empress Weis attitude, Qin Gui knew that she mustve realized something, at least suspicious if anything!

Empress Wei and the original bodys birth mother were real sisters, and they had a great relationship.

Even more, the original body looked extremely similar to her mother.

Empress Wei should be able to recognize her.

As long as Empress Wei found out about it, it wasnt a matter that the Qin Family could cover up even if they wanted to.

Qin Gui sat there well-behaved.

She answered whatever Empress Wei asked.

She didnt hide anything either, up until Empress Wei suddenly shifted the topic and asked, “Why did you come to Long Province then”

Qin Gui revealed a look of panic, and tried to go over the topic by asking, “Madam Gu, is the little young master still okay”

Empress Wei looked deeply at Qin Gui.

She was just testing the water back then, but look at the girls guilty expression.

She was probably forced to leave home to come to Long Province because of some unspeakable reason.

Empress Wei didnt press anymore.

Following her words, she smiled and said, “Zhener fell asleep.

Many thanks to you today.”

Qin Gui pursed her lips and smiled, embarrassed.

Then, she said, “Madam Gu, its best if you look into little masters drowning.

Back then, Mama Ding not only didnt save him, she also wanted to prevent me from saving him.”

Empress Wei naturally wouldnt show mercy to Mama Ding.

They werent allowed to use violence in the temple, so she planned on interrogating her after they returned.

Empress Wei took down Qin Guis words before starting to chat with her leisurely as if nothing happened.

A palace maid brought over mint pastries specially produced by the Tranquil Temple.

Empress Wei picked one up with a handkerchief and gave it to Qin Gui.

“Here, try this pastry.”

Qin Gui smiled and grabbed it, her wide sleeves sliding down while she reached over.

It revealed some bruises and scars on her elbows as if they were slit by a sharp knife.

“Your hand…” Empress Weis voice was a bit bitter.

Qin Gui hurriedly withdrew her hand and laughed awkwardly.

Empress Wei wanted to grab Qin Guis wrist and take a close look, but she was afraid of frightening her, so she didnt know what to do for a moment.

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