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Ch.159 Are You Helping Me (1)


Ye Luluan was silent for a moment, gritted his teeth and responded: "Okay!"

He’ll win this anyway!

Ye Luluan quickly added: "Let’s compete in riding while shooting!"

The so-called riding while shooting refers to two parties sitting on horsebacks, as they both rode on sprinting horses, whoever shoots the other's target first wins.

Ye Luluan was afraid that he would disagree, so he provoked him: "Prince Gu, if you’re worried that you’ll lose, just admit defeat now.

As long as you kneel before me now, I won't hold on to this issue any further."

Gu Zezhi calmly stared at him, his expression turned even more gentle, and nodded: "Riding while shooting then."

Ye Luluan's eyes flashed in eagerness, and secretly said to himself: Gu Zezhi is so egotistical, but he will for sure lose!

The people from Yan practically grew up on horsebacks!

With Gu Zezhi’s weak form, he expects to win against him in this, in his dreams!

Not only Ye Luluan, but even the other ministers did not hold high hopes for this competition.

The third son of Emperor Duan never showed his athletic side, so how could he possibly win against Ye Luluan, who practically grew up on a horseback.

It's not that they were being presumptuous, it’s just that when it comes to horse riding skills, Daqi was indeed weaker than those barbarians.

What's more, Ye Luluan was also a famous warrior in Beiyan.

Of course, it's not that Daqi didn’t have a master in riding and shooting.

Yu Fuyun was a master in this.

When Yu Fuyun was fifteen years old, he shot the head of an enemy general with an arrow from two hundred meters away.

If it was the former Yu Fuyun in this, he might still stand a chance against Ye Luluan.

Unfortunately, Yu Fuyun damaged his core from a serious injury, and his skills in riding and shooting were significantly weaker than before.

Even the emperor frowned slightly, thinking to himself: He hasn't heard Uncle Emperor Duan talk about how Zezhi was good at this

Among the people present, Qin Jiu was the only one who was not worried at all.

After all, how could Gu Zezhi, a villain who occupied more than half of the story, lose to Ye Luluan, a small character that isn’t even the third or fourth male lead!

Qin Jiu looked at Gu Zezhi with bright eyes, all that was left was for her to say "You can do this" to him.

As if he felt Qin Jiu's gaze, Gu Zezhi looked back and saw the brilliance and trust in her eyes, the smile on Gu Zezhi's face deepened again.

In this world, perhaps she was the only one who wholeheartedly trusted him.

The others present had no room to speak at all, and could only blindly follow the emperor, Gu Zezhi and Yeluluan out.

After the time of a stick of incense, everyone gathered on the school grounds southwest of the Hunting Manor.

Looking around, people were shuffling around like a pot of boiling water.

In addition to Ye Luluan, several other envoys from Beiyan were also there, they were all gleaming in pride.

In their minds, there was no doubt in the outcome of this competition, and there was no suspense to it at all.

The sun was setting, and the west sky was tainted red by the burning clouds, and an atmosphere of restlessness lingered in the air.

Qin Jiu chose a place with a good view to watch the match, and Qin Zeyu also came to her, chattering in her ear non-stop:

"Third sister, do you think Prince Gu can win"

"Prince Gu looks like such a gentleman, even if he knew how to ride and shoot, I’m afraid that he is no match to Prince Yelu."

"I heard that the people from Beiyan are really good at riding and shooting.

In order to cultivate a sense of teamwork with the horse, they eat and sleep with it, so that they could achieve the level of 'unity between humans and the horse…...


Qin Jiu felt that this little kid was really noisy, and he wasn’t really smart, how could the big boss lose!

She took a piece of pastry from the dessert plate and stuffed it into his mouth.

The world fell silent!

At this time, Gu Zezhi and Ye Luluan appeared while riding their horses from both ends of the school field.

The two stood face to face.

Their horses were pacing as its hooves clinked, full of eagerness.

In mid-winter, the wind was bitterly cold.

Hundred pairs of eyes stared at the two scorchingly.

The gentle and sophisticated teen on the east side was as tame as jade, and the outsider on the west side was rough and bold.

The two formed a sharp contrast.

If the former was a finely crafted meticulous painting, then the latter was a freehand painting with rich ink and color.

Their robes rolled up with the rustling wind, as the corners of their robes fluttered in the wind, rustling, adding hints of chill to the scene.

Everyone waited as they held their breaths in.

This match was not only a competition match between Gu Zezhi and Ye Luluan, but also a duel between Daqi and Beiyan.


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