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Ch.160 Are You Helping Me (2)


With the sound of a loud gong, the noisy crowd quieted down.

At the same time, the two horses sprinted forward like lightning, raising a cloud of sand dust, and the sound of iron hoofs echoed in the cold wind……

Ye Luluan leaned down slightly, almost blending into one with his dark horse.

His horse and him were like wild wolves eyeing on their prey, with a murderous aura.

Suddenly, Yeluluan moved, holding the bow in his left hand and taking the arrow with his right, and then hooked and spread his bow, the bowstring was like a full moon.

In the next instant, the arrow was released, piercing through the air with a "shoo", and was aiming right at Gu Zezhi's heart.

The tip of this arrow was wrapped in cloth, and both of them were also wearing protective gear to protect their hearts, but if the arrow really shot him in the heart, Gu Zezhi would for sure suffer internal injuries!

Everyone gasped, even Qin Zeyu who was devouring the pastry, stopped and stared without blinking.

Facing the oncoming arrow, Gu Zezhi calmly and swiftly turned sideways.

The arrow flew almost against his chest, what a close call.

His white horse neighed vigorously, however, it was not frightened at all, and the two horses passed by each other.

All this happened in an instant and the people watching tensed up and sighed in relief along with them.

Qin Zeyu gulped down the pastries in relief, and said to himself: Not bad!

Before he even started to chew, he saw Gu Zezhi’s white horse suddenly leap up, its hooves flying high into the sky.

At the same time, Gu Zezhi shot an arrow with his backhand, the whole series of movements were as beautiful and smooth as running clouds and flowing water.

In the blink of an eye, three arrows shot at Ye Luluan "swiftly", as if a violent storm suddenly appeared.

At that moment, Gu Zezhi's breath changed, as if he had suddenly removed the mask he had on, and his whole body was as swift and sharp as a sword out of its sheath.

At the same time when the three arrows were released, the white horse’s hooves landed on the ground, they had such great chemistry.

Ye Luluan felt as if his back was smashed three times with a hammer, a strong blood taste filled his mouth, his body lost balance, and he fell off the horse.

In an instant, everyone watching the match stood up subconsciously and watched in amazement as Ye Luluan rolled awkwardly on the ground......


The surroundings fell silent.

Thinking back on what had happened just now, everyone was in disbelief and stared at Ye Luluan intently.

If Gu Zezhi's three arrows were not covered with cloth, Ye Luluan would have been killed on the spot!

Gu Zezhi won, a clean win!

Everyone was startled, and Gu Zezhi's victory also represented Daqi's victory over the people of Beiyan!

Daqi defeated Beiyan in this aspect, the ministers were all riled up.

The two Beiyan envoys nervously called for the "Second Prince" and ran towards Ye Luluan.

About three feet away, Gu Zezhi's horse stopped in its steps, and the white horse was still feeling the rush of adrenaline, and excitedly lifted its two front legs up high.

Gu Zezhi comfortably stroked the white horse's long neck twice, and looked at Qin Jiu in the crowd.

Qin Jiu smiled flatteringly, quickly showing her loyalty, and clapped.

No wonder he’s the big boss, capable in both literary and military aspects, for generations to come, to rule all the land!

Qin Zeyu, who was next to her, also clapped, he clapped even more vigorously than Qin Jiu.

At this moment, the two Beiyan envoys had joined forces to help Ye Luluan up from the ground.

Ye Luluan had just rolled on the ground, his robe was stained with a layer of dust, his elbows were injured after rubbing it against the sand and gravel, his hair that was originally tied in a ponytail was also scattered everywhere in a mess, he was embarrassed.

Ye Luluan quickly stood up.

Although he fell down his horse, he had adjusted his posture in mid-air before crashing, and he rolled on the ground twice to relieve the momentum.

He was not injured at all, but he just looked like a mess.

Ye Luluan pushed away the two Beiyan envoys impatiently, and raised his eyes to look at Gu Zezhi who was a few feet away.

Gu Zezhi turned around and looked into his eyes, his handsome face had a hint of smile on, like the bright ray of sun in the summer, as he cupped his hands before his chest with a smile: "That was a good game."

"Prince Yelu won't break his promise, right" Gu Zezhi reminded him with a smile.

He sat comfortably on his white horse, with a condescending posture.

Seeing this scene envelope on the school field, everyone around who was watching the match got even more excited, as they gleamed in happiness.

In contrast, Yu Fuyun, who was still sitting in his chair and was slightly below everyone else, seemed calm.



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