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Ch.172 Trap (4)

Her horse paced around uncomfortably as it neighed softly.

Turns out that she was just scared silly! The square-faced guard sneered in disdain, thinking to himself: She’s still way too close to the empress.

If they accidentally make noises or sudden movements, it’ll ruin the plan, it'll be better to knock her out later.

The square-faced guard said calmly, "Don't worry, Third Lady Qin, everything will be fine."

He smiled, and then lowered his head to pull on the rein.

At that moment, Qin Jiu moved, she  abruptly drew the long whip from her waist, and slammed it at him.

This whip was given to her by Gu Zezhi.

The tip of the whip was covered with barbs.

As it slammed down on him, the barbs on the whip hooked onto his back collar, and created a long opening, red blood started to seep out.

The square-faced guard almost fell off his horse, he then cursed, and furiously grabbed onto her.

Qin Jiu gave him another whip with her backhand, the whip slashed down horizontally like a snake, accompanied with a crisp crackling sound.

However, faster than her whip was a long arrow.

Accompanied by the "swish" sound, a long arrow hit the square-faced guard’s left shoulder like lightning, and he screamed in pain.

He was knocked out of balance by the thrust of the arrow and staggered as he fell off the horse.

Qin Jiao squeezed on the horse's belly, rushed to the emperor, and shouted: "Emperor, capture him."

The commotion from her side was so huge that the emperor had started to notice them, his gaze was on Qin Jiu, and he had already noticed the square-faced guard who was shot in the left shoulder and fell off his horse.

The emperor knew who he was, he was a warrior who took the martial arts exam three years ago, and then he was selected into the Forbidden Army, his name was Zheng Feng.

Zheng Feng, who fell to the ground, quickly got up and raised his hand to cover his left shoulder.

His dripping blood spilled out from between his fingers, his hair was messy, and he was covered with grass clippings and fallen leaves, he was a total mess.

He did not run, but knelt down on one knee to the emperor and said, "Emperor, I somehow made Third Lady Qin angry."

He didn't tell on her directly, but the meaning behind his words meant that Qin Jiu was against him because he had accidentally offended her.

Zheng Feng straightened his back and came off confident, anyone who looked at him would think that Qin Jiu was being hard to deal with.

Qin Jiu: "......"

How can he be so good at acting! He should take part in the theater!

She was about to speak, but the emperor had already raised his hand and made a gesture, so that she didn't need to say anything further.

"Take him down."

The emperor gave the order, and immediately two tall and built guards stepped forward, one on the left and the other on the right, to stop Zheng Feng.

Zheng Feng's eyes widened, and he shouted: "Emperor, please be fair!"

Emperor: "I won't falsely accuse you."

"Jiu," Empress Wei rode up to Qin Jiu's side, grabbed her hand, and asked with lingering fear, "Are you okay"

Empress Wei was worried: It was too chaotic just now, and she thought that Qin Jiu was by her side this whole time.

Qin Jiu shook his head and said with a smile: "Aunt, I’m fine." I’m not going to be the one to suffer.


At this moment, the black bear in front of them fell heavily to the ground.

Its huge body shook the ground beneath it, which swept the leaves off the ground.

The air was filled with a bloody stench, and the night breeze made it even stronger.

"Hey, is the bear dead" Qin Jui's gaze returned to the black bear.

The poor black bear was already pierced all over with arrows, scimitars and daggers.

Next to the black bear's corpse, Gu Zezhi had somehow rode on his white horse again.

With his long bow in hand, he looked towards Qin Jiu’s direction, and they met each other’s gaze.

He smiled slightly, his smile was both dashing and gentle, and the bowstring in his hand seemed to be trembling slightly.

Empress Wei also looked at Gu Zezhi and smiled, "Jiu, Zezhi was the one who shot that arrow just now."

The emperor watched Gu Zezhi shoot that arrow at Zheng Feng with his own eyes, and because of this, the emperor did not even hesitate to take Zheng Feng down.

Although the emperor still didn't know what was going on, Gu Zezhi was not someone who would just act hashly.

He for sure had his reasons.



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