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Ch.177 Faking it all this time (4)

Qin Jiu's thoughts were all written on her face.

Gu Ze immediately knew what she was thinking, but he just smiled, and a glimmer of light flashed across his eyes.

When he smelled the "Yin Xiong San", Gu Zezhi knew that someone was about to make moves on him.

Hence, when the black bear appeared, he was already on guard, and was able to successfully handle the cold arrow shot by Ye Luluan.

Later, when Zheng Feng exposed himself, Gu Zezhi could confirm that the people who wanted his life were not only Ye Luluan, but also Gu Chenzhi, because it was impossible for Beiyan to lay such a pawn in the Forbidden Army.

For a successful military candidate in the imperial provincial examination to be in the Forbidden Army, at least one of them had to be from Daqi, with a clean family record.

Gu Zezhi didn't intend to explain this to Qin Jiu, he raised his hand and touched the top of her soft hair, as he said with a smile: "Good girl."

His "good girl" was said with a hint of joy and playfulness.

Qin Jiu: ""

She isn’t a kid!

Qin Jiao pouted childishly, raised her hand and touched her head, the sticky sensation that she felt caught her off guard.

She quickly put her hand down, only to see hints of blood on her palm.

It was red, moist, and fresh blood.

Of course she wasn’t hurt, so the blood belonged to Gu Zezhi.

If the blood was from the bear, it should have dried by now.

Was he hurt

This thought appeared in Qin Jiu's mind, her eyes widened slightly, as she tightened her grip on the reins nervously.

"Big Brother…..." She glanced at Gu Zezhi's right hand and she noticed that there was not only blood between his fingers, but also on his clothes, and it was at his abdomen!

Qin Jiu’s brows furrowed, and recalled the arrow that had just "shot" Gu Zezhi, and the shattered jade pendant.

Could it be that……

Gu Zezhi also noticed Qin Jiu's gaze and followed her gaze to the pool of blood on his abdomen.

He immediately got hold of the situation.

He didn't say anything, and just covered his abdomen with his right hand…...

Qin Jiu's eyes widened, as she noticed more blood seeping from between his fingers, which looked so eye-blindingly red against his pale white fingers.

Qin Jiu confirmed that he was indeed injured!

Moreover, he was trying to deceive someone, so he pretended to be okay!

Qin Jiu sat upright in full alert, her thoughts raced: Was he trying to trick Ye Luluan, or maybe, her eldest brother!

In any case, Gu Zezhi had his own reasons for doing this, so she shouldn’t expose him!

During the rest of their journey, Qin Jiu tried her best to act as if nothing had happened.

She smiled and talked to Gu Zezhi, but she didn't dare to look back at Ye Luluan, in fear that he might pick up something.

The journey back to the hunting palace was very smooth, and when they exited the hunting ground, the second shift hadn't even started yet.

At the hunting platform, the emperor looked back at Ye Luluan, who was riding in silence behind him.

The blood on Yeluluan's left cheek had solidified, and the skin on the wound slightly turned outwards, that half of his face was soaked in blood.

Under the flames from the torch, he was as hideous as a ghost.

The emperor said with a faint expression: "Someone, summon the royal physician to take a look at Prince Yelu."

"There’s no need for that." Ye Luluan interrupted the emperor's words bluntly, and cupped his hands before his chest in a casual manner, "I’ll apply the medicine myself.

Emperor, I’ll now excuse myself."

Without waiting for the emperor's response, Ye Luluan pulled on the reins and turned away.

Since Ye Luluan said that there was no need for the imperial physician, the emperor would not force him into it, and ordered the commander: "Blow the trumpet."

When the people in the hunting ground hear the sound of this horn, they will know that the bear for sacrificial use was hunted down, that is to say, the night hunt was over.

Immediately a guard raised a huge horn, and the sound of it echoed through the mountains and forests.

Seeing that they were not going to disperse anytime soon, Qin Jiu glanced at Gu Zezhi, who was still covering his abdomen beside her.

He looked weak, and thoughtfully pointed to the direction of the pergola and suggested: "Big brother, do you want to sit there"

Gu Zezhi nodded, rolled over and got off the horse.



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