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Ch.179 Qin Jiu was satisfied! (1)

Upon seeing Qin Jiu in shock, Gu Zezhi's smile deepend, as if he was coaxing a child, he said: "Good girl, get me another piece of rose-flower glutinous-rice cake."

Qin Jiu: "......"

She chuckled and picked up a piece of rose-flower glutinous-rice cake from the box, "Do you want this"

Before he could answer, she threw the cake directly onto his face, then turned and ran away.

Gu Zezhi looked at the little girl's figure from the back, catched the piece of cake with his hands, and chuckled softly.

There was an indescribable joy in his heart: Why is this girl so interesting, she always made him happy.

Qin Jiu ran back to him after running a few steps away, and said blankly to Gu Zezhi, "Stretch out your hand."

Gu Zezhi steadfastly stretched out his injured right hand.

On his jade-like palm, the cut was still bleeding, and the wound was stained with fine grass clippings and mud.

Qin Jiu took his right palm and placed it on the stone table with one hand, took the water sac in another, poured water on his palm, and cleaned his wound.

After that, Qin Jiu took out a clean handkerchief and carefully wiped the area around the wound.

Then, she wrapped his right palm with another primrose coloured handkerchief and tied it down in a bow.

He looked at her quietly, without a word.

The corners of her lips were pursed tight, she looked fierce, but her actions were very soft.

Her hands were small, seemingly only half his size, her fingers slender and pale, and her delicate fingernails shimmered with a faint pearl-like glow.

He took a closer look and noticed that she had calluses on the centre of her palm, just like him.

After Qin Jiu bandaged his wound, she picked up the water bag and snack box and just ran away without saying a word.

Gu Zezhi looked down at the handkerchief that was tied on his right palm, and the corners of his lips rose high.

The silver moonlight shone on him, reflecting his dark pupils, as his expression softened.

Not long after, people started to return from the forest on their horses.

They all returned hurriedly after hearing the sound of the horn.

Some of them brought back their catch with high spirits, but most of them were empty-handed.

Most people didn’t expect the night hunt to end so quickly.

Everyone gathered around the hunting platform, and their eyes naturally looked at the bear on the hunting platform.

That bear was bigger and much more burly than ordinary bears.

Even if it was just lying there silently, it resembled a hill, which made people cautious.

It was a king bear, so it for sure won’t be easy to hunt down such a bear.

Everyone pointed at the bear excitedly, and the atmosphere gradually heated up.

When everyone was almost there, the emperor stepped onto the platform and announced in a loud voice:

"The winners of today’s night hunt are Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun."

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked at Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun, with mixed expressions, envy, jealousy, admiration, and curiosity.

Under everyone’s scorching gaze, Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun got onto the hunting platform to accept their prize.

Qin Zening only managed to hunt down a deer and a pheasant this time.

He didn't even get to come across a bear.

At this moment, he looked at the bear on the hunting platform with envy, and sighed: "Yu Fuyun is really extraordinary, during the winter hunt four years ago, although I wasn’t there, I’ve heard that he hunted down a bear all by himself."

"Gu Zezhi's continuous shots are even more outstanding.

With the two of them working together, even the king bear didn’t stand a chance."

Qin Jiu thought so too, and excitedly talked to Qin Zening about the bear hunt just now.

He was deep in envy, and thought grimly: Why didn't get to see it happen with his own eyes!

Qin Jiu told him what she could, and also mentioned how Ye Luluan's face was scratched by the bear’s claws.

However, she omitted Zheng Feng and the matters about Prince Duan.

Qin Zening raised his eyebrows and directed these words at Ye Luluan: "Serves you right!" How dare he eye on his sister!

At the same time, Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun, who was on the hunting platform, had accepted the emperor's huge reward, and thanked him in unison.

Gu Zezhi turned and got down from the hunting platform, then he looked towards Qin Jiu.

Their eyes met.

Qin Jiu, who was excited at first, smiled stiffly.

She was still angry at him, so she flicked her head away and stomped off.

Qin Zening originally wanted to ask further about what had happened to Ye Luluan, but before he could say anything, Qin Jiu suddenly ran away and he blinked in confusion.

Qin Zening: “"



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