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Ch.182 Qin Jiu was satisfied! (4)

The girl was about fourteen years old, with a small heart-shaped face, innocent looking, along with a slender figure, she looked soft and weak, as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

The few ladies beside Yingluo bowed and greeted the girl one after another: "Third Princess."

Yingluo came back to her senses and smiled at the girl, smiling as she called out, "Changning."

The third princess, Changning, followed Yingluo’s gaze and looked at Gu Zezhi and Qin Jiu, who were not too far away from them.

She saw that they were talking and laughing on their horses, before riding towards the forest on the northwest of the hunting platform.

Changning's arched eyebrows furrowed, as she softly advised: "Yingluo, don’t bring trouble to Third Lady Qin anymore.

Mother likes her."

Yingluo pursed her lips and smiled, but she didn't say a word, a touch of disapproval flashed across her eyes.

Of course she knew that Empress Wei was fond of Qin Jiu, so what!

She was the daughter of the dignified prince, the emperor's niece, and princess of the imperial court.

Would Empress Wei punish her just because she had a little fight with Qin Jiu!

Others might go easy on Qin Jiu because of Empress Wei, but she wasn’t afraid!

Changning noticed Yingluo's face of disapproval, and continued: "Yingluo, why bother to upset your mother……."

"Changning," Yingluo interrupted Changning, as she tucked the green silk that had fallen off behind her ears, "It's not me who should be worried now, it’s you."

Yingluo's gaze was bright, with a hint of pity.

"......" Changning looked at Yingluo suspiciously.

Yingluo said in a calm manner: "The second prince of Beiyan came to Daqi not only for a peace talk, but also for a marriage alliance."

"He has picked Qin Jiu for now, but if Qin Jiu doesn't agree, who will be the one to take her place"

"The eldest princess’s marriage has been decided, and their wedding date is approaching; the second princess is very close to the empress and she treats her like her daughter, then the only suitable candidate left is you, Changning."

"Don't you agree"

The third princess was already fourteen years old, and it seems that she will be of age in a few months.

Her biological mother was not favored in the palace, as she didn't even have the chance to speak in front of the emperor and empress.

Chang Ning's pink complexion faded instantly, as her slender figure trembled, like a delicate flower in the wind and rain.

Last month, when Ye Luluan came to the capital, Changning heard her mother mention that Bei Yan was here to set up a marriage alliance.

During the founding emperor’s time, there was a princess from Daqi, who was married off to Nanban.

Three years after she got married, she died.

These barbarians were used to drinking blood and sleeping on the ground, they’re even worse than Daqi's common folk!

During this period of time, Changning had been worried that she would be picked as the princess for the marriage alliance.

Yingluo’s words touched on Changning's deepest fears.

Yingluo took over the reins from the maid, gently stroked the white horse's long neck twice, and said, "Changning, it would be great if Prince Yelu married Qin Jiu, right"

Changning: "......"

The atmosphere turned cold.

As Changning's complexion didn’t look all too good, a round-faced girl in pink cleared her throat and said in an attempt to help the situation, "Princess, don't scare the third princess."

Yingluo laughed "pfft", her delicate and bright face filled with a spring-like smile, "Yes.

I was just scaring you, Changning, that’s because you never follow us into the hunting ground, even after I’ve invited you so many times."

She smiled brightly, as if she was just joking with Changning.

The other ladies also laughed, the sound of their laughter resembled silver bells, and the atmosphere slowly relaxed.

Another girl in a blue dress also tried to liven up the atmosphere: "Princess, the third princess has a weak body.

The forest will be freezing cold in the morning, if she catches a cold, that’ll not look pretty."

"You have a point." Yingluo smiled slightly, as if relieved, and comforted Changning with kind words, "Changning, don't worry, you’re a princess, the emperor won't let you be part of the marriage alliance."

Changning: "......"

After a pause, Yingluo smiled and continued: "It's just that this matter has yet to come to a conclusion, so it’s quite worrisome.

It would be great if they could just pick someone as soon as possible."

"Hey, I heard that in the wild lands like Beiyan, they have a tradition whereby the son takes over his father’s wife, and the brother takes over his sibling’s wife."

Changning's face turned pale when she heard this, her hands clenched into fists.


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