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Ch.183 Qin Jiu was satisfied! (5)

Yingluo glanced at Changning calmly, grabbed the reins and got on the horse in a swift move, she then said to the ladies with a smile: "Let’s go, if Changning doesn’t want to go, let's not force her.

Let’s head to the hunting ground, even if we can’t hunt down a bear, we can hunt down deers, pheasants or something of the sort."

The other ladies also got on their horses, and rode towards the hunting ground as they chatted happily.

Only Changning stood there quietly, as she looked at their figures from the back.

The mountain breeze in the early morning was very cold, as it blew towards her face, her cloak bulged up, and the corners of her cloak soared along with the wind, it made her look even weaker.

The tree above her also swayed along with the cold wind, which casted a shadow onto Changning.

Changning clenched her fists even tighter, bit on her lower lip, until they turned slightly pale.

Her mother did not accompany her to the hunting palace, so now she doesn't even have someone to talk to.

Yingluo’s words echoed in Changning's ear over and over again.

Xin'an was under the Empress’s care ever since she was a child, and she was no different from Empress Wei’s real daughter.

If they had to choose a princess for the marriage alliance, she would be the most likely candidate.

No, to be exact, she is the only candidate.

Beiyan was a land for the savage, where people were rude and uncultured, and, as Yingluo said, they have a tradition whereby the son takes over his father’s wife, and the brother takes over his sibling’s wife.

Just thinking about it, Changning felt her chest tighten, and she subconsciously grabbed onto the hem of her clothes.


A man's voice suddenly came from behind her, which startled Changning.

She turned around and saw Ye Luluan standing three or four steps away from her, with gauze on his left face, she could faintly see bright red blood oozing under the gauze.

The shadow casted down by his tall figure almost enveloped her, and he just stood there, giving off a domineering aura.

Changning glanced at him, then looked away anxiously.

Ye Luluan raised his eyebrows and asked casually: "Are you the emperor's princess"

The emperor’s princes and princesses, he had met all of them.

Changning lowered her face timidly, nodded quickly, without a word, she was like a frightened little bird.

Ye Luluan then said: "Have you seen Qin Jiu"

Changning's eyelashes trembled slightly, as she whispered, "Uncle Ze and her went in that direction."

She pointed in a direction, but still didn't look at Ye Luluan.

It was Gu Zezhi again! Ye Luluan's brows furrowed, his expression darkened instantly, and the wound on his face began to hurt again.

He will for sure seek revenge on Gu Zezhi!

Changning clenched tightly on the handkerchief in her hands, her body was tense and she was being very cautious, neither did she dare to look at Ye Luluan nor speak much to him.

Ye Luluan sneered.

The girls in Daqi are so boring.

Most of them are timid.

In comparison, Qin Jiu was much better, like an untamed wild horse.

Now that he got what he wanted, Ye Luluan ignored Changning and left.

Changning was still standing at the same spot, she then slowly looked up at Ye Luluan's figure from behind.

Ye Luluan was tall and strong, he was a head taller than the average, as he walked in big strides.

Changning bit her lower lip and suddenly called out, "Prince Yelu, do you have feelings for Qin Jiu"

After all, she hasn’t gotten married yet.

She grew up reading “Indoctrination of Daughters'' and "Admonitions to my daughters" ever since she was a child.

After holding back for a long time, only then she blurted these words.

Her face was red and it felt like her face was on fire.

Ye Luluan stopped in his steps.

Changning gritted her teeth and said quickly: "I…...I can help you ask her out......"

Having said that, she no longer spoke, her voice got softer and softer, as she hurriedly said: "I…...I'll leave first."

Changning turned around and heard Yeluluan's voice from behind: "Okay."

Changning stopped for a moment, but she didn’t turn back to look at Ye Luluan.

She squeezed the handkerchief in her hand and ran away.

But not long after, she returned to the hunting platform and sat in one of the pergolas.

From time to time, she looked in the direction of the forest, only until noon, she finally saw Gu Zezhi and Qin Jiu.


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