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A clear male voice rang.

A talented man and beautiful woman walked up the stairs to the second floor of the restaurant.

Both were wearing glamorous clothes coupled with extraordinary temperament.

The girl clad in purple had an oval-like face with clear eyes and white teeth.

Her fair and smooth skin could be compared to the pureness of snow.

She was beautiful and touching.

The man behind him was incredibly handsome, revealing an outstanding and noble temperament.

For a moment, the twos presence attracted a lot of customers attention.

It was rare to see such extraordinary people in Qinyun County!

“Customers, this way please…” The waiter hurried over to greet them.

The girl clad in purple curled her lips up, smiling cutely.

“Second Master… Lets choose something for do… great madam.

Shed definitely like it…”

Xiner Second Master!

Qin Gui lifted her brows and felt a bad omen.

She couldnt help but look at the two quickly.

Thats right.

She just saw the young girl two days ago by the city doors!

So they were the male and female leads!

This…this was too unfortunate!

Qin Gui quietly swapped her seats and moved her back against them.

She was originally sitting across from Xiao Ze.

Now that she changed her seat, she was sitting on the left side of Xiao Ze.

Xiao Ze looked interestingly at the two.

He naturally remembered what happened a few days ago by the city doors, curling his lips up.

Qin Gui ignored him.

She knew that Xiao Ze had lots of unfounded doubts, so he mustve guessed something! Since he didnt ask her, she wouldnt actively tell him either.

After all, theyd part ways in a few more days.

The pair was indeed Qin Xin and the Second Prince, Gu Jing.

The waiter led them to the neighboring table by Qin Gui.

Qin Gui minded her own business, drinking tea and eating peanuts.

She thought that no matter what, Qin Xin wouldnt be able to recognize her through her rear view.

Therefore, Qin Gui wasnt worried in the least bit.

“…Mother brought sixth brother to Tranquil Temple today…”

Qin Gui lifted her brows when she heard Gu Jing mention “Tranquil Temple.” She subconsciously listened in on their conversation.

If it werent that she was also at Tranquil Temple today, she wouldve never thought that the Sixth Prince drowned because of a conspiracy.

“Tranquil Temple has nice sceneries, especially the maple forest by the mirror lake…”

“Mother wants to pray for an amulet for sixth brother, but how could ones life be determined by that” Gu Jing said faintly.

What did he mena

Qin Gui paid close attention to this, not noticing that the waiter had brought the drunken fish over.

It was unclear how but the waiter slipped while he was serving the dish, bumping into the table.

The dish in his hand also flew in the air…

Xiao Ze quickly clutched Qin Guis wrist and pulled her over.

That dish fell on the ground, nearly missing her shoulders.


The dish crashed and cracked into many shards, the warm soup splashing everywhere.

A few drops landed on Qin Guis shoulder, and she knitted her brows by its hotness.

“Sorry, customer!” The waiter panicked and helplessly apologized.

“Customer, are you okay”

“Im fine, Im fine.” Qin Gui waved her hands calmly.

Only a few drops had splashed on her.

Although it was a bit hot, it wasnt that serious.

“Just bring me another dish.”

The waiter didnt expect for her to be that kind.

He felt really fortunate.

While repeatedly apologizing, he bent down to clean up the mess.

It was a bit loud and attracted the other tables attention.

Qin Xin originally just took a casual look at the waiter when her gaze suddenly landed on Qin Guis face.

She was shocked.

Those eyebrows…

How could it be “her!”

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