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Ch.187 Marriage alliance with Beiyan (4)

The people in the water pavilion looked towards the direction of that laugh, and saw three to four noble ladies walking in, along with Princess Yingluo.

Many ladies went forward and greeted Yingluo, some sat in their seats as they nodded to her with a smile.

Yingluo suddenly became the focus of everyone's attention.

Yingluo walked up to Qin Jiu and looked down at her condescendingly, as she sneered: "Yun Jiaoniang, don't force her.

She wouldn’t know how to play the game!!"

“There are always such low class people who think that she’s better now because of her title, but she’s actually just a sparrow, a mere toy that cats play with!"

Yingluo's words were so mean, the banquet fell silent, and the atmosphere suddenly felt slightly weird.

The few ladies behind Yingluo smiled sullenly, and the others around them had subtle expressions on their faces.

Some were curious of what would happen next, some didn't want to be involved in it, so they simply turned away and talked to the friends next to them.

"......" Yun Jiaoniang was put in an awkward spot, and was flustered.

Changning tried to smoothen the situation again: "Third Lady Qin, Yingluo didn’t mean any harm, don't overthink the situation."

After a pause, she said again in a soothing tone: "Touhu is very simple game, let me teach you.

No one was born knowing how to play it either."

Qin Jiu raised her eyebrows, and looked at Yingluo calmly.

"I never overthink, I just act." Qin Jiu went to grab her whip, but there was nothing there.

Then she realised that she forgot to bring it along.

What a pity.

“How dare you!" Yingluo also saw her reach for the whip, and remembered what had happened the last time, she was fuming with anger.

"Yingluo, Third Lady Qin." Changning said in a flustered tone upon seeing this.

"Don't fight.

If you spill the tea, you’ll ruin your dress."

"Oh, so what if I do!"

Yingluo picked up a cup of scented tea next to her, and poured it on Qin Jiu, hoping to seek revenge from that past incident.


Qin Jiu would never let her splash her with her own tea, and moved aside quickly.

However, at this moment, a lilac-colored figure suddenly stood in front of Qin Jiu.

"Third Lady Qin, be careful!" Changning shouted nervously.

In the next instant, the cup of scented tea was splashed on her chest.

Pieces of chrysanthemum and rose petals were stuck to her chest.

The tea soaked through her clothes, and dripped to the ground, she was a total mess.

Changning staggered slightly as she lost balance, grabbed Qin Jiu's arm, and leaned against her.

The banquet fell silent, as the temperature dropped, and everyone was left dumbfounded.

Even Yingluo was left in shock, she wasn’t planning to pour the tea on Changning.

At this time, Xin'an, who was playing Touhu, also came over.

She looked at Changning then at Yingluo and scowled at Yingluo, "Yingluo, that’s enough!"

Xin'an had heard of what had happened from the servant, and her beautiful face looked stern.

After a brief phase of shock, Yingluo came back to her senses and smiled mockingly, she didn’t care about Xin'an at all.

In Yingluo’s eyes, the second princess was just the child of a concubine.

Anyways, it was just a cup of tea, the empress would only slightly lecture her about it.

Why should she feel scared

Let’s deal with the matter in an orderly fashion.

Xin'an took a deep breath and hurriedly said to Changning, "Third sister, you should head on and get changed first, so you won’t catch a cold."

Changning agreed, followed with a smile, and said apologetically to Qin Jiu: "Third Lady Qin, let’s both get changed."

Changning looked at Qin Jiu's left sleeve embarrassedly, as she leaned onto Qin Jiu's body just now, the tea and petals on her got onto Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu also looked at her wet sleeve, smiled softly, and said, "Okay."

Her personal servant quickly put a cloak on Changning to cover the tea stains.

"Lingxiang, get me a change of clothes."

Changning ordered her personal servant, and smiled softly at Qin Jiu: "Third Lady Qin, please."

Qin Jiu followed along as Changning led her out, and said as she walked, "Let's go to Bibo Pavilion to change."

Nanyuan Hunting Palace was huge, it was the size of two palaces.

The noble ladies often played around here, so there were places for them to change and rest.

The Bibo Pavilion was one of them.

From Bifeng Pavilion, it was only 100 metres away.


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