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Ch.189 Marriage alliance with Beiyan (6)

Changning tucked her hair behind her ears.

Then, she opened her arms, her chin slightly raised, and Lingxiang helped her to remove her outer garment.

Her black beautiful eyes flashed with a strange gaze, and a sneer escaped from the corners of her lips.

How could she not know that Yingluo was using her as a pawn!

Yingluo didn't like Qin Jiu, she wanted to use her to punish Qin Jiu, so as to make use of other people to get rid of her own enemy.

Hey, she was just an unfavored princess.

Whether it was Yingluo, who was the daughter of the prince’s first wife or Qin Jiu, who was backed by Empress Wei, she couldn’t afford to offend any of them and she for sure didn’t want to either.

In that case, she’ll let Yingluo and Qin Jiu resolve their own matters.

Changning lowered her arms again and watched as Lingxiang hung the outer garment on the screen.

Just now, she deliberately placed the cup of scented tea on the table, and then spurred Yingluo and Qin Jiu with her words, so that they would quarrel.

She then reminded them that there was a cup of scented tea near them.

Next was just to wait for someone to splash that cup of scented tea towards the other.

Yingluo has always been both spoiled and arrogant, she couldn’t bear even the slightest of grievance, and as far as she knew, Qin Jiu's temper was not much better.

With Empress Wei’s support, she for sure wouldn’t give in.

Just now, Yingluo's words were horrendous.

Changning originally thought that Qin Jiu would be the one to use that cup of scented tea, but what she didn't expect was that Yingluo was the one who seized the opportunity.

It's a pity that Qin Jiu dodged so quickly.

Seeing as the scented tea was about to go to waste, she could only use herself as a shield, so that all the scented tea would be poured on her body, and then pretended to have lost her balance to pull on Qin Jiu, deliberately ruining her clothes.

That is how she got it where she was now.

It was Yingluo who picked a fight with Qin Jiu.

Yingluo was also the one who poured tea on Qin Jiu.

Yingluo was the one who wasn’t getting along with Qin Jiu.

Once something happens to Qin Jiu, everyone would think that Yingluo was the one behind it!

And she…...

She tried to ease the situation just now, and she also blocked a cup of scented tea for Qin Jiu.

No one would ever think that she was the mastermind behind all this from the very start.

Changning stroked the green lace with her fingers gracefully, and the corners of his lips rose even higher.

When the time comes, the emperor and the empress will be fuming with anger, and the one to bear the consequences would be Yingluo, and she can not only be the hero of the whole story, but also would be able to avoid the marriage alliance.

"Be quick." Changning urged, "Prince Yelu should almost be here by now."

She had promised Yeluluan that she would help him ask Qin Jiu out and they would meet in the room on the left, at the second floor of the Bibo Pavilion.

After a while, Yeluluan would push open the door in the left room, to see Qin Jiu with her disheveled clothes.

As for her, as long as she walked over at the right moment, and "coincidentally" bump into this scene.

By then, Qin Jiu would have to be part of the marriage alliance!

"Qin Jiu’s luck is not on her side." Changning sighed softly, his gaze flickering.

Lingxiang removed Changning's mamian skirt, and said jokingly: "It’s God's will."

Changning raised her head slightly.

Actually, it didn’t matter whether it was Yingluo or Qin Jiu who was splashed by the scented tea, this wouldn’t change her plan at all, as either one of them would be part of the marriage alliance.

To be honest, she preferred that person to be Yingluo.

It really was God's will, even the heavens wanted Qin Jiu to be part of the marriage alliance.

At this moment, Changning only had on a frost-colored undergarment on her body, but even her undergarment was soaked in tea, and the red loose covering for her chest was faintly visible under it.

She was about to speak when she suddenly heard the door faintly open from outside the screen.



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