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Ch.196 Scheming and Ambitious (2)

As soon as she entered the room, Changning complained to Empress Wei as she bawled: "Mother, cousin Yingluo pushed me down to the ground, she.…..she even pushed me towards the broken tiles on the ground on purpose.…..

my face…..."

She panted slightly, choked, her hair was in a slight mess, and an inch-long blood stain could be seen on the right side of her silky white forehead, it was terrifying to look at.

"It wasn’t me!" Yingluo screamed, as she stomped her feet hysterically.

"I beg you to seek justice for me!" Changning cried even louder, tears were raining down her face, the sight of her was rather pitiful.

"Your highness, Changning is falsely accusing me!"

Yingluo's voice went up three octaves and sounded even sharper, her voice made Empress Wei's forehead faintly hurt, and she said to herself: Fortunately, she had sent Jiu away.

At this moment, Qin Jiu had got to the outside of Bifeng Pavilion.

Du Ruo helped Qin Jiu remove her cloak, Qin Jiu couldn't help but look back and glance in the direction of Bibo Pavilion, her gaze flickered.

Not only did Empress Wei notice it, but Qin Jiu could also tell what tricks Yingluo and Changning were playing at just now.

To put it bluntly, it was just a dogfight.

Hence, Empress Wei just let them bite at each other.

However, what was up with Ying Luo scratching Changning's face!

Qin Jiu was extremely curious.

The Cuidie Garden was rather chilly during the night, Qin Jiu didn't stay under the eaves for too long, and turned around to walk into the water pavilion.

In the Bifeng Pavilion, the area was brightly lit, which illuminated the surroundings as bright as daylight.

The ladies were talking and laughing, each having fun, and the atmosphere was as lively as before.

Only the second princess Xin'an was slightly absent-minded.

She had been paying attention to the outside of the water pavilion, and immediately noticed that Qin Jiu was back, so she came over to talk to her.

"Jiu, are you okay" Xin'an asked Qin Jiu in a low voice.

Just now, when the Kouzi summoned Yingluo away as per Empress Wei’s orders.

Xin'an coordinated the whole situation and didn’t let the other ladies know.

They all thought that Yingluo just went away to have a change of clothes, so they didn’t put it at heart.

They continued what they were doing, playing around, enjoying the music or even joking around.

Qin Jiu showed a soft smile and said lightly, "I’m fine."

The word "I’m fine" had a much deeper meaning in itself.

Xin'an knew that there were some things that can’t be said out loud, so she didn't ask further.

She smiled and pulled on Qin Jiu's hand as she said: "You enjoy Pipa storytelling right, this song just started.

It is a new song compiled by the music division, called "The fate of the paper kite", it’s quite interesting."

Qin Jiu sat down with Xin'an and listened to the Pipa storytelling enthusiastically.

According to "The fate of the paper kite", a scholar, who went to the capital for an exam, passed by a garden by coincidence and noticed a broken paper kite drift out from there and got stuck on a treetop.

The scholar took down the paper kite and got acquainted with Wang Yinglian and her sister.

The scholar and Wang Yinglian fell in love with each other at first sight, and her younger sister, Wang Yingxuan became the matchmaker for them both, unfortunately, Wang Yinglian already had a fiancé of an arranged marriage.

The two met as they decided to elope, but Mrs.

Wang got to know about this and separated the lover pair.

The scholar had no choice but to head to the capital to take the exam, and wanted to come back to propose to his sweetheart after passing the exam.

However, Mrs.

Wang decided to move Wang Yinglian's wedding date forward.

Wang Yinglian was devastated.

Her younger sister, Wang Yingxuan, couldn't bear to see her sister sad.

On the day her sister got married, she drugged her sister and resolutely stood in as the bride.

Three months later, the scholar came first in the imperial examination, then proudly returned to marry Wang Yinglian, and the two spent the rest of their lives together.

Many ladies were immersed in this story, as the story progressed, they felt nervous at times, they sighed, smiled, and even exclaimed in admiration from time to time…...

Qin Jiu, who was focused on the Pipa storytelling as she munched on some melon seeds, didn't notice that another person had sat down beside her.

After the song, Yun Jiaoniang tried to make conversation with Qin Jiu: "Third Lady Qin, this new song is quite interesting.

The relationship between the Wang sisters is really special."

This time, Qin Jiu finally knew that her surname was Yun, and said with a serious expression: "Miss Yun, I think that I would rather not have this kind of sisterhood!"

Yun Jiaoniang: ""


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