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Ch.201 Scolding

Just then, five gorgeously dressed young boys, who were only about twelve, stumbled out of the forests, they were all out of breath.

They were all in a total mess, their expressions could not hide how flustered they felt.

Some of the boys’ hair were slightly ruffled, their body was covered in dust, and some even had blood stains on their robes.

They lalso noticed Qin Jiu and Gu Zezhi.

The expressions on the teenagers’ faces changed, some frowned, some hesitated, some flustered, some worried…...

Their gazes all focused on Qin Jiu.

The few young boys pushed and shoved at each other, they were hesitant.

Qin Jiu also noticed how weird this group of teenagers were acting, she squinted her eyes, took them in, and noticed two familiar faces among them.

Last month, the little rascal in the family didn’t return home for the whole night.

When Qin Zening and her went to the theater to look for him, she saw them there.

It seemed that one of them was the son of the Zhang manor and the other was from the Shunning Hou manor.

They were both reputable playboys in the capital.

Her gaze moved down, and fell on the blood stains on their robes, her brows slightly furrowed.

Qin Jiu slightly pinched the horse's belly, and Ta Qing strode towards the teenagers.

It was like the few boys saw some kind of monster, they stealthily stepped back, step after step, as they tried to flee.

However, two boys only managed to run a few steps, and were held by the collar by a big pair of hands, one in each hand, and the poor teenagers couldn’t even budge as if they were being held up by the neck like a small kitten.


One of the boys in blue was about to yell, when he heard a gentle male voice interrupt him: "No running away."

The man's voice sounded gentle, as calm as the wind, but in the ears of the two teenagers, it felt like he was the cat that was teasing the mouse from high up above.

Both teenagers froze and did not dare to move.

The other young boys stopped in their steps after seeing their friends being caught, and seemed to feel that if they just ran away, it would seem rather unloyal.

Qin Jiu strode over as she rode on Ta Qing to the front of the blue-clothed boy, she looked down at him, and asked casually, "Where is Qin Zeyu"

It was just a casual question from Qin Jiu, but the few teenagers seemed to have been slapped in the face.

Their complexions didn’t look too good, and some of them even looked away with a guilty conscience.

Qin Jiu: "!"

Qin Jiu looked at the two people that she recognized, and when she saw them in a panic, she knew that something was wrong.

She purposely mentioned Qin Zeyu to kick start the conversation in hopes to squeeze something out of them.

She hasn't even started to get serious, but these rascal were already acting guilty.

Qin Jiu urged impatiently: "Speak up!"

The teenagers trembled in fear, shrank their necks, and looked at Qin Jiu like frightened rabbits.

Their expression seemed to say to her, "Don't hit us!"

Qin Jiu: ".….."

Even if Qin Jiu didn’t know how to read minds, she could tell at a glance what these rascals were thinking.

If Qin Zeyu was here now, Qin Jiu would have already rewarded him with a hit on the head.

Qin Zeyu, what the hell did he say to his friends !

Qin Jiu took out the whip attached to her waist, and pulled on it with a smile.

The whip made a "Piak! Piak" sound.

Her smile was as pretty as a flower, but the intimidation from her actions were beyond words.

The blue-clothed boy gulped subconsciously and quickly said: "We don't know anything, we separated and lost touch with the rest!" Qin Zeyu was right, his sister was really scary!

Once someone started, the other teenagers were relieved and started joining in: "We went into the hunting ground with Qin Zeyu at dawn…..."

"Who would think that we would be this unlucky and actually bumped into a huge white tiger in the woods.

We were so frightened that we didn't even have time to care about the horses, scattered around and fled the scene, then we lost touch with each other."

"Later a few of us met at the foot of the mountain outside the forest, but after waiting for around the time of a stick of incense there, we didn't see Qin Zeyu."

"We got worried that something happened to him, so we want to return to the hunting palace first to ask the emperor for help……"



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