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Ch.202 Scolding (3)

"We aren’t unloyal friends."

The teenagers all chimed in.

Looking at the whip in Qin Jiu's hand, the blue-clothed boy shrank away again.

In fact, when they saw Qin Jiu at first, they wanted to come over and tell her about this, but then they remembered that Qin Zeyu had mentioned that her sister was extremely fierce, si they didn't dare to come over for fear of being beaten up by Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu’s brows were tightly furrowed, as she asked angrily: "Why didn't you mention this when you saw me"

Another boy in green, who was pulled back by Gu Zezhi, confessed, "We were worried that we would be given a beating."

The other teenagers nodded one after another.

Qin Jiu: "…..."

Gu Zezhi pulled on the boy's back collar, "Where did you guys see the tiger"

The boy in green hurriedly said, "There is a small stream at the foot of the Jiufeng Mountain as the water from the mountain spring flows down.

We followed along the direction leading towards mountain spring and went up the mountain.

We probably walked up for about a mile…..."

They originally thought that the wild animals in the forest would definitely come to the water to have a drink.

They never would have thought that they didn’t even see any hares, pheasants or even deers, but they actually ran into a ferocious tiger!

"You guys went up Jiufeng Mountain Who allowed you guys to enter Jiufeng Mountain" Gu Zezhi raised his eyebrows slightly.

Jiufeng Mountain was no longer part of the hunting ground’s periphery, but was the center of the hunting ground.

The beasts were all in Jiufeng Mountain.

These little kids, who were no more than thirteen years old at most, were practically still kids.

They should have only been able to play outside the forest, not allowed to enter Jiufeng Mountain without a grown up taking the lead.




The rascals were all speechless.

It was all because they felt rather unhappy after being in the forest for more than an hour but had not hunted down anything, so they sneaked into Jiufeng Mountain, thinking in their hearts that there should be no beasts on the periphery of Jiufeng Mountain.

Seeing how guilty they looked at the moment, Gu Zezhi didn't ask any more questions.

There were priorities to follow, and now was not a good time to teach these rascals a lesson.

Gu Zezhi said: "You all stay here, none of you are allowed to go anywhere."

They looked at each other, and stood right at that spot.

Qin Jiu found a young militant of the imperial army who was guarding the area nearby and asked him to tell Qin Zening about the news of Qin Zeyu's disappearance in Jiufeng Mountain.

Qin Zening was in front of the imperial court and also knew them very well, so the young militant immediately agreed to it.

At the same moment, Gu Zezhi let go of the two boys, turned back and got on his white horse again.

The white horse seemed to have read its master's intention, and its two front hooves eagerly lifted.

"I’ll go look for him."

As soon as Gu Zezhi's words fell, Qin Jiu immediately said, "I’ll go with you."

Gu Zezhi didn't persuade her not to, and just said: "Follow me closely, don't be too far from me."

Qin Jiu complied happily, and followed Gu Zezhi into the forest, and was about the distance of two horses behind him.

Qin Jiu was still slightly rusty at horse riding, and didn't ride fast.

Gu Zezhi guided the way in front as he matched her speed, and pointed in a direction:

"Jiufeng Mountain is in the southwest.

I know a shortcut.

It should take less than half an hour to reach the foot of the mountain."

There were dense trees everywhere in the forest.

Qin Jiao felt that every corner just looked the same.

After a while, she lost her way.

Everything just looked the same to her, so she could only follow Gu Zezhi’s lead and moved forward blindly.

"Be careful."

"Be careful of the thorns beside you."

"We should be less than two miles away from Jiufeng Mountain."


Along the way, Gu Zezhi reminded Qin Jiu from time to time and pointed in the right direction for her.

Gu Zezhi had always been a reliable person.

He said it would take half an hour and it really did take half an hour.

It was almost noon when Qin Jiu heard the faint sound of "huahuahua" coming from the mountain spring.

Qin Jiu immediately thought of the mountain spring that few kids had mentioned, his eyes brightened, and he subconsciously pressed against her horse's belly, prompting Ta Qing to speed up again.


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