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Ch.203 Scolding (4)

Passing through the wild pine forest where they were, a clear view of the sky suddenly appeared.

A clear mountain spring gurgled down along the rocky gap of the mountain stream in front.

The crystal clear spring water was glistening under the sun, and the spring water trickled…...

"Be careful, the road is quite steep."

Gu Zezhi rode his horse forward and went upwards along the gurgling spring.

There was no road in the mountains, and the gap between the trees were only wide enough for one horse to pass through.

Qin Jiu followed Gu Zezhi from behind, and was about a distance of three feet away from him.

Gu Zezhi looked back at her from time to time, as she observed the surrounding environment.

After walking about a mile up the mountain, Gu Zezhi pulled on the lead rope and his white horse came to a stop.

The surrounding area was in a slight mess, with torn shrubs along with flowers and plants that were trampled in mud everywhere.

Even Qin Jiu could roughly judge that this was probably the place where Qin Zeyu and his friends came in contact with the tiger.

Gu Zezhi got off his horse swiftly, and checked around, looking for traces and footprints left behind by a human or a tiger.

Qin Jiu also followed Gu Zezhi and looked around.

All she could see was that there was no blood around, and that no blood meant that no one or animal was injured.

Qin Jiu’s heart slightly relaxed, but it was still hanging.

Gu Zezhi looked at the footprints on the ground for a while, then took down a piece of cloth that was among the bush of thorns, and then he picked up a broken branch and looked at it, his steps were both calm and graceful.

Qin Jiu followed behind, and she had no mood to care about her surroundings.

She could only follow him blindly.

The mountain path was difficult to walk on.

After a while, a thin layer of sweat appeared on her forehead, but Gu Zezhi still remained the same.

Suddenly, that purple figure came to a stop in front, Qin Jiu couldn’t stop in time, and almost ran into him.

Gu Zezhi grabbed Qin Jiu's right arm with one hand and helped her regain balance.

Then, the index finger of his right hand pressed lightly on his thin lips as he made a "hush" gesture to signal Qin Jiu to keep quiet.

Qin Jiu shut her mouth quickly and nodded again and again.

Gu Zezhi pulled Qin Jiu to the back of a thick tree trunk, and then pointed his right arm to the front right.

Qin Jiu looked in the direction he was pointing, and saw that six or seven feet away, a big white tiger was wandering around a birch tree.

His sharp claws occasionally scratched at the tree trunk, as it growled impatiently.


The birch tree shook slightly, and the leaves fell like rain.

Qin Jiu's gaze moved upwards, and saw a familiar figure on the birch tree.

Qin Zeyu hugged the tree like a koala.

His clothes were in a mess, and he looked both pitiful and silly.

If it weren’t for the inappropriate occasion, Qin Jiu would have laughed out loud.

Even if Qin Jiu could hold herself back, Taqing who was behind her couldn't.

The roar from the king of the forest made Taqing neigh restlessly, as it started pacing around, it seemed to feel anxious at the sight of the king of the forest.

However, Gu Zezhi's white horse was much more calm, flicked its tail lightly and stood still.


Qin Zeyu, who was on the tree, noticed Qin Jiu and Gu Zezhi because of Ta Qing’s neigh.

As if he saw a savior, his eyes lit up, and he yelled out pitifully.

He had been hanging onto this tree for at least half an hour, his hands were slightly numb, and he couldn't hold it anymore.

If he fell down, he would change from being the hunter to the prey.

Thinking about this, he felt that he was rather pitiful.

Seeing as this rascal was still alive and active, the corners of Qin Jiu’s lips curled upwards, as her eyebrows loosened.


The fierce tiger also heard the sound and looked in the direction of Gu Zezhi and Qin Jiu.

Its bloodthirsty eyes bursted with a fierce light, as it opened its mouth and let out a low roar, to threaten these two ignorant human beings.

It arched its back, and its front paws slashed on the ground twice, its sturdy body was like a bowstring pulled to the very end, and was ready to go.

Taqing was even more restless, its hooves stomped on the ground as it let out an uneasy neigh, Qin Jiu touched its head, in hopes to calm its emotions.



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