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Ch.209 Blizzard (4)

The emperor smiled along as he had a small chat with Gu Zezhi, and asked what he had experienced in the past few days, Gu Zezhi then told him about the incident where the little rascals sneaked into the hunting ground in a few short sentences.

Hearing that they were punished, the emperor laughed, and said happily, "These children deserve to be punished!"

While talking, a little servant led the Sixth Prince, Gu Zhen into the room.

Gu Wei was still young and was afraid of the cold.

He wore a thick coat and the white mink fur at the neckline made his small face look round and cute.

He greeted the emperor, Gu Zezhi and Gu Jing solemnly.

After Gu Zhen sat down, Gu Zezhi smiled and asked, "Zhen, A blizzard will hit about a dozen miles around the hunting palace in the coming days.

What do you think of this"

Gu Jing’s eyes widened in slight surprise, and could guess what he was up to, his gaze suddenly darkened.

The emperor was also slightly surprised, but didn't interrupt.

Gu Jing took a quick glance at the emperor, his face was firm as a rock, but he too, was silent.

Gu Zhen was still young, his voice sounded cute, as he asked: "Uncle Ze, are there any villages and towns nearby"

He went to play with his cousin Jiu early this morning.

Du Ruo said that cousin Jiu went to the nearby town for an opera performance.

"If there was a blizzard, would the common folks nearby suffer in the cold" He frowned deeply, his little face looked worried.

The emperor was startled again, and looked back at Gu Zhen and Gu Jing thoughtfully.

He originally thought that Gu Jing was the one who was considered serious and rigorous in his actions, but after comparing Gu Zhen with him, there was an obvious gap.

His Zhen’er had the innocent heart of a child!

The emperor's gaze flickered, and his expression as he looked at Gu Zhen softened, he then nodded and said: "Yes.

There are quite a number of houses that were destroyed by blizzards, Zhen’er, what do you think we should do about this"

"Destroyed houses" Gu Zhen tilted his head and gave it some thought, "Father, the people nearby should be moved away as soon as possible and shifted to a warmer place."

"Father, if people are afraid of the cold, the crops and cattles are too, right Shouldn’t the imperial court also make relevant arrangements to help these crops, cattles and sheeps"

Although Gu Zhen’s words were rather whimsical with a hint of childishness, they could tell that he was giving this matter much thought, and he was trying to think from the common folk’s perspective.

The smile on the emperor's face deepened, and he didn't point out where Gu Zhen had made a mistake.

He smiled and nodded again and again, with a slight relief.

The Empress had taught Zhen’er very well, with the people in his heart, he would make a wise emperor.

Gu Jing couldn't put on a show anymore, his expression changed, and his fists could not help but clench together.

This was supposed to be his credit to take, but Gu Zezhi arrogantly helped Gu Zhen to snatch his credit away from him before his very eyes!

Gu Jing couldn't help but think of Qin Jiu again.

Gu Zezhi had obviously fallen for Qin Jiu, and Qin Jiu was the Empress’s niece.

So, is Gu Zezhi planning to help Gu Zhen now!

Gu Jing took a few deep breaths, and soon calmed down again, as if nothing had happened.

At this moment, Gu Zhen was also done.

The emperor smiled with joy and praised: "Zhen’er is all grown up now and can share my worries!"

Gu Zhen smiled even more innocently, he took the warm tea from the servant, and took two sips contentedly.

Gu Jing continued behind the emperor’s words and said impatiently: "Father, the disaster relief can be handed over to the local officials.

It’s freezing cold.

It’s better for you to return to the capital as soon as possible to avoid being trapped at the hunting palace or on the journey back as a result of the blizzard."

"Second brother, the hunting palace is huge, even if we were trapped here for a while, we’ll be fine.

However, it is different for the common folks.

Father often said that the people depend on the heavens for food." Gu Zhen retorted in a serious manner, "If there was really a blizzard, they may not survive.”


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