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Ch.214 She was a gift (3)

But the nobles from the clans were restless.

They didn't get the response they wanted from Empress Wei, so they ran to look for the emperor, and tried to persuade the emperor to let the Second Prince stay at the hunting palace to preside over the matters regarding the disaster relief.

The emperor remained unmoved by this and even refused to see them altogether in the end.

On November 17, The emperor left for the capital from Nanyuan Hunting Palace, leaving only Gu Zezhi, Gu Zhen, Liu Shijing and nearly a thousand forbidden troops.

When the emperor and his royal troops arrived at the

Cuiwei Mountain area a few days later, a report came in stating that the area surrounding

Nanyuan Hunting Palace and Linpu Town was hit by a blizzard.

Roads were closed down due to the blizzard, hence, in order to wait for more detailed news about the blizzard, they actually stayed for one more day in that same spot before resuming their journey.

On November 21st, they arrived at the capital, and the officials welcomed them.

Qin Zening had an errand to run, so he followed the emperor to the palace, whilst Qin Jiu and Qin Zeyu went back to the manor directly.

The siblings went to pay their greetings to Madam.

Qin, Qin Xin was also there.


Qin Xin saw Qin Zeyu and stood up with a joyful expression on her face.

She wanted to go over, but immediately stopped in her steps, she looked at Qin Jiu with a nervous expression.

She seemed to be afraid of Qin Jiu, that’s why she didn't dare to approach Qin Zeyu, but her eyes kept staring at Qin Zeyu, and it was hard for her to hide away her worrying expression.

Qin Zeyu: "......"

He used to think that Qin Xin was really nice to him.

But now as he looked at Qin Xin, he felt awkward around her, and a word inexplicably appeared in his mind: hypocritical.

Qin Zeyu thought of the aunt in their family that Zhang Erhou had mentioned.

She was always acting in a way as if the others owed her something, that the others wanted her to harm her, and the others despised her.

She was even more dramatic than a performer!

For Qin Jiu, it doesn't matter what Qin Xin does.

She was the female lead of the novel, so it was unlikely for Qin Xin to be knocked down that easily

As long as Qin Xin didn't mess with her, Qin Jiu would ignore her presence, she would just sit aside with a smile as if she hadn't seen her.

Madam Qin hadn’t seen Qin Zeyu for many days.

She missed him dearly.

She took her grandson’s hand and gave it a thorough look.

She said that he had grown thinner and tanner, and then said in a somewhat admonishing tone: "Brother Yu, your second sister had missed you so much for the past few days, why didn’t you even greet her! You heartless little kid!"

Qin Zeyu smiled, he couldn’t refute her, and did not answer.

Qin Xin clenched the handkerchief in her hand, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her feelings were seemingly hurt, she secretly lowered her head, and sat back down again.

Madam Qin looked at Qin Zeyu then at Qin Xin, she frowned slightly, and then said, "Brother Yu, you have addressed her as Sister Xin for so many years now.

Just think about it, how much does your sister pamper you, she always thinks of you when she has something nice.

She has been talking about you for the half month since you left, worrying that you would get injured in the hunting palace…..."

At this moment, Qin Jiu stood up and said with a smile: "Grandma, we still have to unpack our luggage as we just got back, so we will leave first."

Madam Qin's face slightly stiffened.

Qin Jiu beckoned to Qin Zeyu, "Yu."

Qin Zeyu hurriedly stood up upon hearing this, and followed Qin Jiu out without a word, as if he was a cute little tail.

Only Madam Qin and Qin Xin were left in the room, the atmosphere was silent.

Qin Xin twisted the handkerchief in her hands, and a faint layer of mist formed in her eyes, as she tried her best to suppress the grievance she felt, and this sight made Madam Qin feel distressed.

Madam Qin sighed in secret, her eyebrows furrowed.

She was getting old, the age where one of her feet was already in the coffin, and she wanted her family to be happy and live peacefully together, but Qin Jiu refused to give way.

At first, Madam Qin was also angry with Qin Xin.


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