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Before she snapped out of her trance, she saw a broom swinging her way.

She subconsciously grabbed the broom and then pulled it back firmly.

The woman stumbled and moved back a few steps, then fell on the ground while groaning in pain. 

The woman didnt expect her to dare to retaliate at all.

She widened her eyes and exclaimed, “You wretched girl.

You dare to retaliate!”

So what if she did Qin Gui leaped up from the ground and grabbed the broom in her hand, then whacked it at the woman.

It was a painful blow!

The woman let out an ear-piercing shriek, “Ah! Wretched girl, do you want to die!”

Not wanting to stay any longer, Qin Gui ran out of the woodshed decisively.

Then, she closed the door and used the broom to stop the woman from twisting the knob. 

Qin Gui rubbed her swollen forehead.

The moment she moved her arms, she felt an intense pain spreading throughout her body.


She sucked in a cold breath.

Then, she was stunned after she pulled up her sleeves.

This bodys arms were skinny and full of new and old scars as well as bruises.

No wonder it hurt everywhere.

Scars probably covered her body as well.

The original body was probably beaten every day.

Just how much enmity and hatred must that woman harbor for her to beat her that hard!

The novel didnt mention much about the original bodys past.

It wasnt until later in the story that an admirer of the heroine exposed the fact that Qin Gui had married a fool in the past and that she didnt behave as a proper woman should.

There were other rumors such as her having affection for her husbands father.

Later on, Qin Gui had tossed aside her fool of a husband in order to pursue the marquis residences riches and honors.

She even undid her hairstyle as a married woman and returned to the capital as a young unmarried woman. 

The present Qin Gui vaguely recalled how the woman she recently met had wanted her to marry a fool.

It appears that theyll be coming here tomorrow to receive her!

Qin Gui shivered. 

According to the novel, she most likely had to stay married the fool up until she was brought back into her family.

Then, she died with an arrow to her heart after she assisted the heroines gentle and generous image. 

Slam, slam, slam. 

At this time, the woman slammed against the woodsheds door rapidly and firmly, coupled with her sharp voice, “Wretched girl, let me out!”

“When I get out, Ill beat you to death for sure!”

The womans voice was raised higher and higher. 

Qin Gui narrowed her eyes and shouted, “Zhao Aman, I know everything! You betrayed your master, and exchanged the children! Im going to report you to the government office!” Then, Qin Gui ran away without hesitation.

Zhao Aman in the woodshed was flabbergasted, an idea floating in her mind.

Theres no way this wretched girl knew everything, right

At this moment, besides anger, she was more scared. 

Zhao Aman was anxious and started slapping the door even harder.

“Girl! Come back!”

“Girl! Girl…”

Zhao Aman called time after time, but only silence answered her.

About half a teacups worth of time, her man, Li Jinzhu, returned.

Lin Jinzhu took out the broom over the handle of the doors and opened the woodshed.

“What happened”

Zhao Amans face paled, and she grabbed onto Li Jinzhus sleeves.

“Bao, Baoers father, that girl said that she knows everything and she is going to the government office to report us.”

“Could she have found out about her identity”

Zhao Amans voice trembled and she shook uncontrollably. 

Li Jinzhu was also frightened badly.

Dont mention a common person opposing an official, but this was the grand Qin Family theyre talking about!

If Qin Family found out that they had been raising their daughter for all these years, theyd definitely send them to jail.

Their family would be doomed by then!

Lin Jinzhu was annoyed and nervous.

He impatiently shifted the blame and roared, “You have the face to talk!”

“If you were much nicer to the girl, she wouldnt doubt her identity.

If it werent for you forcing her to marry that fool, she wouldnt have gone to report to the government office.”

“Who here doesnt know that Fool Xu is almost twenty, but still doesnt know how to use the bathroom He even needs people to feed him.

The Little girl is only fourteen…”

“Youre blaming me Fool Xu… whats wrong with young master Xu Hes the nephew of the county magistrate! I got her such a good husband.

People arent even this lucky!” Zhao Aman was furious and raised her voice, “Shes just a wretched and ungrateful girl! If it werent for me, she wouldve been exiled with Qin Family, and probably died by now.

I saved her!”

“So what if Qin Family had given us two thousand silver taels We had raised her for all these years.

Are we going to have to raise her to old age Instead of marrying her off”

“Plus, who am I doing this for Im doing this for the family.

Dont forget how our Baoer entered the county to learn! And our eldest child said…”

Zhao Aman couldnt stop talking, and Li Jinzhus head hurt from her chattering.

He interrupted her and said, “Keep on talking, keep on talking as the girl is about to go to the government office already!”

“Right! We have to stop her.” Zhao Aman answered nervously and dashed out the door.

Li Jinzhu hurried along too.

Qin Gui came out of the woodshed after hearing no noises, glancing in the direction the couple left at.

Under the ray of sunshine, her pair of almond eyes on her small face was shockingly bright.


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