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Ch.217 She was a gift (5)

Seeing that Gu Jing was willing to listen to him, Cheng’en Gong seemed pleased, and said: "Your Royal Highness, you must know that there have been no father and son pairings in heaven even since ancient times, and no emperor would like his son to be eager of his title.

This time, we can treat it as a test towards the emperor’s intentions, we should take it slow from now on, and not be hasty."

"Since the emperor has sent down an errand for you to complete, you should do well in the Ministry of Rites, and not rush for the rest.

As long as you perform well, the emperor will see this, and the civil and military officials will also notice this."

Gu Jing nodded slightly from time to time, and gradually calmed down.

Gong Engong took a sip of tea, moistened his throat, and said with a change of tone: "Also, that Second Lady Qin…..." He sighed slightly, "Sigh, you knew that there was something off with that girl, but you still kept her by your side, I am afraid that even the Empress Dowager is annoyed at you."

When it came to this matter, Cheng’er Gong was genuinely puzzled, as Gu Jing was clearly smart, how can he be foolish on matters involving Qin Xin! It was not worthwhile to make Empress Dowager Liu unhappy for the sake of Qin Xin.

Gu Jing said sternly: "Grandfather, Xin'er is different."

She was just a woman! Cheng’en Gong didn't think so, but he wouldn't upset Gu Jing because of Qin Xin.

After all, Gu Jing was now at the age where he was young and energetic, and his vision was suddenly blurred by love, but there was no love amongst the royal family.

Before that supreme position, all matters have to be left aside!

Gu Jing would soon understand this, it was just a matter of time! So why should he be the bad guy, and make Gu Jing hate him.

Cheng’er Gong avoided talking about Qin Xin, and said with a smile: "Second prince, we should first head over to coax the Empress Dowager."

".….." Gu Jing's eyes flickered, and was about to speak but was hesitant to do so.

He actually guessed that his grandfather already had some sort of prejudice against Qin Xin.

But they didn't know that Qin Xin was different.

Like now, if It was Qin Xin, she would definitely be able to come up with a plan for him.

She always could find another way to enlighten him, just like this blizzard, and many times before…...

His Xin'er was different, she was a gift given to him by the heavens!

However, there were some things he couldn’t say to Cheng’er Gong.…..

Gu Jing clenched his fist, and heard Cheng’er Gong continue: "Second prince, what do you think of Yun Jiaoniang, the third lady from Wei Yuanbo Manor"

Gu Jing's gaze condensed slightly.

Cheng’er Gong continued meaningfully: "You should also get married with your imperial concubine as soon as possible.

Only by getting married, you could then be titled a noble and leave the palace to establish a manor."

In this way, Gu Jing could then widely recruit men and gradually grow his power and influence.

The Sixth Prince, Gu Wei was only five years old, and Gu Jing had at least ten years to widen the gap between Gu Zhen and him and become a virtuous emperor.

Cheng’er gong continued to say: "Wei Yuanbo has made huge contributions on the battlefield and is rather prestigious in the army, his wife is also the daughter of General Li in Minzhou.

Third Lady Yun is Wei Yuanbo’s only daughter."

"Your grandmother entered the palace two days ago, and even the Empress Dowager thinks that Third Lady Yun is a good choice."

What he meant by this is that this marriage would kill three birds with one stone.

On one hand, he could win over the Wei Yuanbo Manor and also the Li Family.

On the other hand, Gu Jing could also use this as a way to please Empress Dowager Liu.

Gu Jing was silent for a moment, and said, "You may have the say on this matter!"

At first, Cheng’en Gong was worried that it would take him a long time to convince Gu Jing, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Jing also had his own factors that he took into consideration: After his big wedding, he would be able to bring Qin Xin into his manor in the open, and they could stay together, so Qin Xin would not have to stay at the Qin's and suffer.

Just thinking about it, the corners of Gu Jing's lips rose slightly, he was thrilled.


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