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In the secluded tea house, Qin Gui picked up the cup and drank the tea comfortably.

She gazed through the half-opened window at Xiao Ze as he walked out of the Fragrant Tea House and to the streets below.

Xiao Ze calmly walked to the two public security officials, who were patrolling the streets, stopped them and talked with them.

He had an air of nobility around him and a warm and amiable look on his face.

His every expression and gesture was elegant and impeccable.

He talked a bit with the officials with a smile.

Then he took out a piece of silver from his sleeve and stuffed it furtively into the other partys hands before returning to the tea house.Qin Gui also withdrew her gaze.

In addition to her, there were two other people who were watching Xiao Ze.

They were two young men, one in grey and one in blue.

They were hiding in the corner of an alley, staring at Xiao Zes figure with a dismal look.

“Little Six, Third Master hasnt noticed us, has he” The man in gray muttered.

“If he has discovered us then we can only take care of him early on!” The man in blue, Little Six drew his thumb across his neck, gesturing to slit the throat.

“No.” The man in gray hurried stopped him.

“The royal carriage is at the Jiangling Palace.

If the Third Master had an accident here, the royal carriage might be alarmed.

By then, everyone will be on guard here even more so.

And in case we are found out, then even His Royal Highness might be implicated, then it will really be bad.”

Well, what could they do They had lost people in Yaoqing County.

They had no choice but to separate and act separately.

Otherwise, there would not have been just two of them here and then they would have too many things to worry about.

“We cant wait any longer!” Little Six said impatiently.

“If we let the Third Master meet His Highness, His Highness will then dismiss His Royal Highness from the heir position… then it will really be too late.

Lets not wait for others and act first.

We can also take this credit.”

The man in gray furrowed his brow as he sunk into his thoughts.

He might not approve of such rash action but he found Third Masters expression very familiar when he was talking with the public security officials.

Has the Third Master really noticed us!

Is that why these officials were searching for their whereabouts under the order of the Third Master

At this time, they must take every step carefully.

“Little Six, return to the inn, I will watch over him first,” the man in gray said.

Little Six wanted to say something but he was stopped by the man in gray with his eyes.

He could only sullenly agree, “Yes.”

Little Six went back to the inn alone.

He was still not convinced.

He felt that his companion was too worried.

So what if there are only two of us, we can still clean up Third Master quietly.

If Third Master wants to complain, he can complain in hell.

Little Six entered the inn in anger.

It just so happens that the two public security officers entered the inn for questioning.

When the manager saw him return, he hurriedly said, “Sir, this guest is also not from here.

He only moved in a few days ago.”

The two officials immediately focused their gazes at Little Six alertly.

One of them immediately asked, “Hey, where did you come from, can you show me your pass”

[TLN: During Ming Dynasty, everyone from hundred miles away from their residence must have a pass issued by the local government, otherwise they will be punished.]

This was a very ordinary question but it sounded a bit tricky to Little Six.

Particularly when he and his companion just saw Third Master talk intimately with the official outside the tea house.

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