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Qin Zening was afraid that the naughty child would offend his sister again, so he hurriedly said.

“Xiao Jiu, let’s first enshrine the imperial edict to the ancestral hall, and in a few days we will go to Huangjue Temple to visit our parents and assure their spirit in heaven.”

Qin Jiu: “…..okay.”

As the three siblings spoke, they walked away, only to hear a shrill cry suddenly ring out from the rear.

“I won’t marry!”

Qin Zening looked back, gave a sneer, before he continued walking with his brother and sister.

Qin Sheng’s expression was so ugly that she looked like she was going crazy, and her voice getting sharper and sharper.

“I won’t marry, I definitely won’t marry!”

It should be okay if she didn’t talk, but as soon as she made a sound, they immediately know it was Qin Sheng, and her shouts just made everyone in the hall look at her.

Qin Sheng wore a rose-colored lotus flower pattern today, which complimented her small white melon shape face that was as delicate as jade, with bright eyes, white teeth, plump flesh, and a beautiful body, like a fully grown lotus.

Looking at her up and down, Scholar Cheng nodded slightly in satisfaction.

This fourth young miss Qin was now his fiancée, although she was younger and her stature was not fully grown, she looked so good and pure, charming and could be compared to a peony in Tian Xian Lou.

The two maids next to the fourth young miss Qin were also good-looking, no, extremely beautiful.

He heard that the personal maids of the girls in this big family were all used as bed warmers!

With this thought alone, made Scholar Cheng’s stomach hot, and smile as he looked at Qin Sheng, consciously exhibiting his distinguished, accomplished and elegant self.

Qin Sheng on the other hand only felt that the other party’s eyes were penetrating her body as if waiting for a good offer, and this made her annoyed, not to mention disgusted and angry.

When Madam Su chose this “marriage” for Qin Jiu, she did not really care where his eyes landed before.

In fact, Madam Su had another person in mind for Qin Jiu’s partner, but Qin Sheng felt that this Scholar Cheng was better.

Qin Jiu was only worthy of a person like Scholar Cheng, they were a perfect match!

Qin Sheng clenched the handkerchief in her hand tightly as dark tides surge in her eyes brightly and secretly flickering.

It was because of Qin Jiu’s return that Qin Xing was demoted as the second prince’s concubine, and since Qin Xin was now recorded under Madam Su’s name which means that her first sister was a lowly concubine, then, what about her marriage!

Since she was having a hard time, she also wants to make Qin Jiu have a hard time!

So why, why does the person who would marry Scholar Cheng was her instead

Qin Sheng said firmly again, “I won’t marry!!”

Matriarch Qin earnestly persuaded.

“Sheng’er, stop being willful.

Scholar Cheng was selected carefully by your mother, not to mention he is outstanding and talented, surely he won’t wrong you.”

Qin Sheng: “…”

Qin Sheng didn’t care anymore, if she stays silent at this time, then it would look like she would acquiesce to this marriage!

She couldn’t hide her disgust anymore as she raised her finger to Scholar Cheng and said.

“Grandma, this is a greedy, lustful, arrogant, and self-righteous scum! And you want me to marry him! Are you really my own grandmother”

” Sheng’er.” Matriarch Qin appeased.

“Your mother assured and check carefully so there should be no mistake with it.

Don’t throw a fit.”

Hearing Matriarch Qin only made Qin Sheng angry and anxious, but she couldn’t say the truth.

Her face turned blue, and stamped her foot, feeling aggrieved after being unable to explain to her grandmother.

“Mom!” Qin Sheng’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Madam Su pitifully, and this made Madam Su’s heart ache.

“Marquis.” Madam Su calmed down and said.

“Let’s marry off the fifth young miss instead.”

Qin Wan, the fifth young miss of the Marquis House.

She was Qin Zhun’s daughter with his concubine, so technically she was also regarded as Madam Su’s daughter.

“Marquis, when Sheng’er was a child, you also held her many times in your arms.”

Madam Su’s eyes were red as she contains layers of tears.

Of course, Qin Zhun was reluctant to marry off Qin Sheng, after all, she was his first daughter, and love her like a treasure so how could she allow such an arrogant, shameless, and untalented man for his daughter.

However, Zhou Xin had already said so.

He would also tell the emperor when he returns to the palace.

If he, the marquis quietly changed the person, wouldn’t that be tantamount to deceiving the emperor!

As if reading what was on his mind Madam Su hastily said.

“This wife can put the fifth young miss under my name….”

Anyway, Zhou Xin did not explicitly say which daughter would marry Scholar Cheng!

“You’re intolerably bullying us!”

Scholar Cheng was angry, blue veins were protruding on his forehead, and couldn’t help but utter.

Just now, Qin Sheng pointed directly at him which made him angry, and now seeing that Qin Zhun and Madam Su were judging and picking blatantly in front of him, it was as if slapping him in the face again and again.

Scholar Cheng was about to leave and plans to go back and wait for the Marquis family to come and beg him, but just after taking a step.

Madam Cheng stealthily pulls his sleeve, and then sternly scolds Madam Su.

“In law, are you regretting this marriage”

Madam Su smiled reluctantly and lowered her posture as she said.

“Madam Cheng, look our fifth young miss is also very good.

If you want, our marquis’s family can marry you this number.”

Madam Su struggled to compare the numbers with her fingers.

She doesn’t care about the dowry as long as she could keep her daughter.

As long as the Cheng family stays quiet and wouldn’t cause trouble, it would be impossible for the emperor to know which daughter from their family was marrying.

When she puts Qin Wan under her, Qin Wan could also be considered her legitimate daughter.

Sure enough, Madam Cheng’s eyes lit up, and said.

“In-law, then let’s talk about it….”

Matriarch Qin always felt that this was not appropriate and called out.

“Second daughter-in-law ……”

“Mother, you should leave this matter alone.”

Madam Su was annoyed and doesn’t have the leisure to deal with her mother-in-law.

She wanted to resolve this quickly, it was best to marry someone in the sedan chair tomorrow.

Matriarch Qin hesitated for a moment and finally sighed.

“Then forget it, Ning momo help me go back.”

Qin Sheng looked at Madam Su expectantly, while Qin Wan, the fifth young miss, paled and was trembling.

But even so, she dared not disobey the first mother.

Qin Zhun also felt that this shouldn’t be done this way.

He has become more and more marginalized in the court.

If he offends the emperor again, even if his title would not be remove him, the emperor could still dismiss him from his post if he gets angry.

If this happens, it was not worth the loss, they still have to plan…


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