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Duan Wang Fei looked at her son lovingly and asked, “What kind of person is Third Young Miss Qin”

When Duan Wang Fei asked about Qin Jiu, she also wanted to hear what her son meant about the marriage.

Although the emperor said that her son agreed, as a mother, she still wanted to hear it from her son herself to determine his true intentions.

The current Duan Wangfu was already a mess, she really does not want her son to marry a daughter-in-law who was estranged from him that he couldn’t even have a peaceful and harmonious life in his own courtyard…

Gu Zezhi holds Duan Wang Fei’s properly maintained right hand, looks at her straight in the eyes, and smiles.

“Mother, she is very good.”

That little girl is very interesting, and marriage with her certainly will not be boring, nor dull.

Facing his mother, Gu Zezhi had no secret, he was calm, and his face naturally showed joy coming from his heart.

Duan Wang Fei was completely relieved until this moment, her body also relaxed, the smile on her face intensified, and her heart pondered.

As soon as she thought of her son finally getting married, Duan Wang Fei feels relieved from worry and was even happier that the corners of her lips never stopped smiling.

She asked Gu Zezhi about Qin Jiu’s life, and how her son met Qin Jiu, she also talks about how she had to pick a lucky day to ask the matchmaker to come and propose marriage

Although the imperial edict granted marriage, in order to show the importance of this marriage, Duan Wang Fei thinks that three books and six ceremonies were all necessary, and she must seriously go to the woman’s house to propose marriage.

Whenever Duan Wang Fei asked anything, Gu Zezhi would answer and whatever the questions were he would answer them.

Duan Wang Fei felt this was a sign that her son was interested in the marriage.

The more she asked, the more excited she became.

Later, she was excited thinking about which matchmaker she should contact saying that the wind and rain had brought this fated wedding, and so she must choose the yellow road and auspicious day.

She then urged her son earnestly.

“Zezhi, if your father asked you to take a concubine before the wedding, you mustn’t agree.”

“…” Gu Zezhi raised his eyebrows.

The corners of Duan Wang Fei’s mouth hooked into a mocking cold smile.

She doesn’t know what Duan Wang Ye was thinking but after the emperor has given Zezhi marriage he seems to have suddenly cared about Zezhi as he suddenly keeps on saying.

“Wang Fei, Zezhi will soon reach his coming-of-age ceremony but still has no children, his wedding with third young miss Qin will have to wait for at least more than a year.

I think he should take a concubine first, after all, we can’t let our son down, right

“Wang Fei, you’re his mother but you’re not interested in your son at all!”

Duan Wang Ye’s words sounded like he really cares about his son, and this made Duan Wang Fei almost laugh in ridicule right after she heard these words.

Not giving him any face, Duan Wang Fei immediately turned her back against him.

Thinking of Duan Wang Ye’s temperament, he might come to tell her son about this himself so she mentioned this to her son in advance lest he would be fooled by Duan Wang Ye because of how thin-skinned he was.

Duan Wang Fei talked long-windedly.

“Zezhi, the little miss is so many years younger than you not to mention she will be married far away but since she is willing to marry you, you must treat her well.”

“She has suffered since she was a child.

You should take pity on her more.”

“Your father wants you to have your first child with a concubine which will surely bore you into a troublesome situation in the future.

And when that happens, you won’t have time to compete for the heir’s position with his son.

You must learn from him, don’t make it difficult for your wife and make her unhappy.”

“You should know that only when the husband and wife are in harmony can they be at peace and enjoy everything.”

In front of her son, Duan Wang Fei devotedly speaks her mind out.

She only hopes that her son and daughter-in-law could live their lives in harmony and beautifully in the future, and then she could hug her grandchild as soon as possible.

That would be even better!

“Mother, don’t worry, I won’t.”

Gu Zezhi smiled again, which softened his facial features and made him look more beautiful, like the bright moon and spring breeze.

There was only one Qin Jiu in this world.

He’s not willing to let some boring person hang around him.

A cold stream of light flashed quickly in Gu Zezhi’s dark phoenix eyes and the corner of his lips still had that calm smile.

Relieved, Duan Wang Fei smiled and wanted to say something again when suddenly, her complexion changed slightly.

“Cough, cough, cough.” She covered her mouth with a handkerchief and coughed several times in succession.

Gu Zezhi frowned slightly.

He hurriedly took the teacup from the maid, delivered it to Duan Wang Fei in person, and asked with concern.

“Mother, you have contracted a cold, have you asked the doctor to see it”

“I’m fine.” Duan Wang Fei waved her hand, but her voice was slightly hoarse.

After drinking two cups of tea, she calmed down and said.

“After this year’s winter, I suffered some cold and fell ill for a few days.

Later, I got better, but I still coughed from time to time.

This trip to the capital was tiring so it made me exhausted and coughed more frequently.”

Gu Zezhi: “Mother, why don’t we ask the imperial physician to take a look at you ……”

“I already asked the imperial physician to look at me.”

Duan Wang Fei interrupted Gu Zezhi with a smile.

“The imperial physician said I was tired and prescribed some prescriptions to clear the lungs and nourish the body so that I can rest well.”

“I’m just happy now that you’re getting married.

I am in good spirits about this happy occasion so don’t worry I will make sure to take medicine to keep my spirits up for your marriage.”

“Cough…” With that, Duan Wang Fei coughed twice again, showing a trace of fatigue on her face.

Gu Zezhi patted Duan Wang Fei gently on her back and coaxed her in a soft voice.

“Mother, you don’t feel well.

You’d better have a rest for a while.”

Duan Wang Fei hadn’t seen her son for a long time and wanted to talk longer, but she had to get up obediently after meeting his worried eyes.

Supported by one of her maids she went to the inner room to rest.

Gu Zezhi ordered, “Wang momo, are there any prescriptions and pulse records prescribed by the imperial physician”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Wang momo answered repeatedly, “Third Young Master, this servant will go to fetch it now.”

Wang momo quickly brought the prescription and pulse table that the imperial physician had given to Duan Wang Fei.

Gu Zezhi carefully looked at both.

As Duan Wang Fei said, this prescription was an ordinary one for clearing the lung and nourishing the body, and there was no problem with the pulse record.

Wang momo said in the aside.

“Third Young Master, this prescription was given by physician Huang from the Imperial Hospital yesterday after he had taken wang fei’s pulse.”

Gu Zezhi ordered: “Let mother take the prescription for three days.

If it is useless, then change to another imperial physician.”

Sister Wang obeyed.


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