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Seeing Little Six still not responding, he raised his voice and repeated, “Where is your pass”

“Sir, here is my pass.” Little Six regained his wits as he took out the pass and handed it over causally.

After the officer took the pass, he inquired again, “When did you arrive in Qingyun County”

“Five days ago”

“Why are you here”

“Passing by.”

“Passing by!” The officer took a good look at Little Six before asking, “Where are you going I heard the manager say that there were two of you, where is the other guy”

Little Six couldnt stop smiling as he thought, Why are these people being so wordy! Generally, apart from checking passes outside the city, they wont check inside the city.

So, these officials must be investigating us, right! Third Master must be trying to eliminate us through Qingyun County officials.

Keep dreaming! Little Six secretly gritted his teeth.

The security officer grew a little impatient after seeing Little Six not answering for a long time.

He asked in a loud voice, “Im asking you, tell me!”

Little Six held his anger and said, “Going to the capital to visit friends.”

“Then when are you planning to leave Qingyun County” the officer asked again.

“After a few days,” Little Six answered in a casual manner.

The officer stared suspiciously at Little Six and asked again, “How many days exactly”

“Three days.”

“Why are you staying in Qingyun County for three days”

“Visiting friends!”

The officer immediately retorted with a cold look on his face, “Didnt you just say that you are visiting friends in the capital”

“I…” Little Six, who had been questioned again and again, had grown tired of this.

“You are really annoying me.

I have the pass, what are you asking so many questions”

Little Six had determined that these officers were up to no good.

Whereas the two officers grew increasingly suspicious of Little Six the more they looked at him.

His inconsistent answers and arrogant attitude didnt put him in a good light!

If they are visiting friends in the capital, why are they not in a hurry Why are they staying in Qingyun County for a few days Do you think of us as fools

This person is absolutely suspicious.

He and his accomplice must have stolen the jade pendant of Second Princes fiancee!

I would rather catch innocents than let the culprit go!

As this thought crossed their minds, the two officers exchanged glances as the officer with the curly beard said with a straight face, “You have to come with us.”

The two officers came forward to arrest Little Six without saying anything else.

Little Six had already grown impatient.

When he saw them stepping forward, he lashed out in anger and disdain, “You think you two are enough to catch me!”

He grabbed the right arm of the bearded officer, pulled him up over him and threw him on the ground.

Even the tables and chairs around him were smashed away.

The manager and the waiter of the inn were shocked.

They immediately hid behind the counter.

The situation took a turn for the worse all of a sudden.

Originally, the officers were only a little bit suspicious of Little Six but now they were completely suspicious of him.

The other triangle-eyed officer pulled out his saber and attacked Little Six while cursing him.

Little Sixs skills were much better than the two officers.

He seized the officers saber in a jiffy.

A vicious look flashed past his eyes as he raised the saber and cut the triangle-eyed officers leg.

Then, he dropped the saber and casually made his way out of the inn.

He also knew that he was in trouble.

But so what

Since the Third Master has already bribed the office of Qingyun County and asked the government officials to search for us, we cant stay here for long.

“Catch him quickly!”

At this time, the two officers hurriedly shouted at the team of public security officers who were patrolling the streets here.

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