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Empress Weis face grew cold for a moment but then she broke into laughter and said, “Its just your uncles from other branches.

You dont have to care about their likes or dislikes.

Your grandfather has passed away, but your grandmother is still alive.

You can do anything whatever you want, okay! Or, you dont have to care about the likes and dislikes of the rest of the Qin Family.

You can act natural… Your aunt will take care of you.

Qin Gui nodded and said in her heart,Thinking of which, Empress Wei seems to be aware that the Qin Family has decided to support the second prince.

“Good.” A warm and gentle look appeared on Empress Weis face as she continued, “Your maternal grandfathers family name is Wei, which is a famous family of Zanying.

Two of our ancestors were Senior Grand Secretary, four had been commanders of border-provinces, eleven had passed the third-level imperial examination.

Many Jinshi and Juren had born in our family, its not a small family.”

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Empress Weis eyes were overflowing with pride when she spoke of the Wei Family.

“Your maternal grandfather is currently the governor of Jiangnan.

You look exactly like your mother.

Your grandparents will recognize you at first glnace.

But you are much thinner than your mother when she was little… “

Looking at the skinny and petite little girl before her and thinking of her scars all over her body, Empress Weis nose turned sour and tears welled up in her eyes.

Her sister, who had been exiled at a young age, had always been thinking of her daughter till her deathbed.

And she! She had been holding that fake in her arms, pampering her over these years!

Self-blame and remorse entangled around Empress Weis heart like vines.

Qin Gui took out a handkerchief and wiped the tears on Empress Weis cheeks gently, comforting her as well, “…Aunt, dont cry.”

Qin Guis pronunciation of aunt was jerky and difficult but it made Empress Weis tears flow down even more.

She put her arms around Qin Gui again as if she had found her lost treasure.

She choked with sobs, “Good girl…Good girl, aunt wont let you suffer anymore.”

Empress Weis health had always been bad; she couldnt be extremely sad or happy.

The nearby Mother Xu quickly advised, “Madam, isnt it great that you found your neice.

How can you cry You should be happy!”

“Madam, take a look at her, she is scared by you.”

Empress Wei saw that the little girl had her eyes fixed on her.

Her apricot eyes, which were very similar to hers, were bright and at a loss.

Empress Wei smiled and said, taking the girls rough hands in hers, “Little Gui, come with me to the capital.”

“But…” Qin Gui revealed a hesitant look as she looked around.

“Aunt, I just rented this shop.”

She was really reluctant to part with it.

Although she was just acting, she had set up everything bit by bit.

She had spent time and effort on it.

“Its alright.” Empress Wei said with a smile, “Lets give this shop up for now.

You can ask a reliable steward to take care of it for you in the future.”

She thought to herself that she would buy this shop for Qin Gui.

After having been persuaded by Empress Wei with affection for a while, Qin Gui finally relented.

So, on the noon of the very same day, they set off on their way after Qin Gui had cleared up a bit.

They were about 30 miles away from the capital.

Originally, Empress Wei shouldnt have come here in person, she could have asked Mother Xu to bring Qin Gui.

But she was worried, worried that Qin Gui would be confused, so she came in person.

The emperor had always loved her very much, thats why he didnt stop her as well.

He only sent some bodyguards to escort her out of the palace.

The team of people hurried along all the way back and finally arrived at the capital before dark.

The carriage rushed straight into the imperial city.

On the way, Empress Wei had already told Qin Gui about her identity and asked her to stay in the palace for a few days.

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