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“You…” Qin Gui shrunk back and revealed just the right amount of shock and fear.

“Who are you Why are you in my room Dont come over… If you move any closer, Im going to yell!”

The young mans pitch-black like ink eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.

He curled his lips up and smiled, saying, “Little girl, its not interesting if youre just going to pretend.”

His voice was gentle like water, but she felt her scalp going numb hearing his words.

“This bloody scent… heh, I was too off guard.”

Qin Gui wanted to cry but there were no tears.

She did smell just a bit of blood.

In the beginning, she thought this was her imagination from her nightmare, but then the scent of blood hadnt disappeared after a while, she realized that something was off.

The only place that could hide someone here was the drawer by the corner of the wall and under the bed.

Borrowing the candlelight, Qin Gui unluckily found a drop of fresh blood on the drawer knobs.

At that moment, Qin Gui made a secret decision and ran off without hesitating.

But she was still a bit too slow.

She, she really was unlucky!

Qin Gui was a bit annoyed with this.

She helplessly touched her forehead and asked, “What do you want to do”

She didnt think that the other party was interested in her skinny figure, wanting to rob money or have fun with her.

Most likely, someone was after him and he coincidentally hid into this room.

He might be some runaway!

She already felt helpless transmigrating into a sinister female supporting character.

If she died earlier than the original body, then thatd be so tragic.

The young man retorted, “Youre going to Long Province right”

Qin Gui blinked her eyes.

How did he know that she was headed to Long Province


“You were at the escort place today too” Although it was a question, Qin Gui was mostly sure of the answer.

The young man lifted his brows and retorted, “Little girl, can you take me along while youre at it”

Qin Gui pursed her lips and remained silent.

This person was mysterious and also injured.

He was most likely chased after.

Shed be finding trouble for herself if she brought him along!

Her silence was the best answer.

The young man wasnt annoyed to see that the little girl was unwilling.

Instead, he smiled.

His beautiful face was a bit more charming under the dim yellow candlelight.

Qin Gui knew that something was off.

As expected, in the next second, there was a dirt-yellow color dagger in the mans left hand.

He was flexibly spinning the dagger around his fingers as if it was a part of his body, doing so leisurely.

The man was playing with the dagger while repeating casually, “Little girl, can you take me along while youre at it”

Qin Guis heart felt as if it was drenched in cold water.

It became colder.

She basically had to make a choice between “dying right now,” and “dying later on.”

Obviously, she wanted to survive.

Qin Gui admitted defeat right away.


The young man smiled as he withdrew his right hand on the door, not seemingly afraid that Qin Gui would take this chance to escape.

Instead, he sat in front of an old-fashioned square table and pointed at the seat by her other side.

Acting as the host, he said, “Sit.”

Qin Gui walked over numbly and pulled the chair over, sitting down.

Then, she poured herself a glass of water to calm down.

“Talk about your plan.” Qin Gui finished drinking water and seemingly acted like she admitted defeat.

She thought in her heart however: if its really too dangerous, I need to find a way to run away.

The young man also poured himself a glass of water.

Smiling, he said, “Im Xiao Ze.”



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