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She gently patted the back of Qin Xins hand to comfort her and also to say that she knew about all the wrongs she had suffered.

Madam Qin introduced her to Qin Gui, “Guier, this is your second sister.”

Qin Gui smiled but sighed silently in her heart.

In the novel, the original character acted like a villain and went to provoke Qin Xin first.

And she was beaten at every step until she was driven out of the Qin Family.

But, Qin Gui would not be naive enough to think that as long as Qin Xin turned things around, Qin Xin would not deal with her.

Her existence, her origins were like a big stain to Qin Xin.

Qin Xin could not tolerate her.

“Guier.” Madam Qin felt that this child must still be angry when she saw her didnt speak.

She softened her voice, “Grandma knows that you have suffered all these years but this matter has nothing to do with your second sister.

She had also suffered a lot, you…”

“Thats right!” Qin Zening interrupted Madam Qin in a careless manner, “Qin Xin has really suffered a lot in the Marquis Mansion.”

He looked as if he was just making a casual statement but Madam Qin was left completely speechless.

Qin Zening looked at Qin Xin with a smile and said, “Our family has really wronged you a lot.

Im so sorry but then, why are you so reluctant to leave”

Qin Gui felt that the temper of her elder brother was really to her liking.

She nodded in sympathy.

Qin Xin had been living like a nobility in the Marquis Mansion for ten years, and she was wronged! Then what about the original Qin Gui!

Did the original Qin Gui deserve to be tortured by the Zhao Aman couple and marry a fool!

Qin Zening got even more enthusiastic.

He continued, “You can go back to your relatives if you cant stand the wrongs!”

Qin Zhun forced a few coughs before speaking in a heavy voice, “Enough! Ninger, this is your cousin!”

Qin Zhun emphasized on cousin just to remind Qin Zening that Qin Xin will be adopted by the second branch.

She had nothing to do with the eldest branch.

He gazed at Qin Gui with displeasure.

This little girl is only disturbing the peace of this house by coming back.

She will definitely be a disaster in the future.

Ah, yes, how can a girl raised by others be good!

Qin Zening shrugged his shoulders as he raised the corner of his lips with faint ridicule.

Qin Xin silently helped Madam Qin sit down on the Luohan bed.

Out of habit, Madam Qin pulled Qin Xin to sit next to her.

But the next moment, she realized something was wrong.

She hurriedly looked to Qin Gui.

Qin Gui, on the other hand, smiled and said nothing but Madam Qin felt a little uncomfortable somehow.

She suppressed the complicated emotions rising in her heart.

And after everyone sat down in their seats, one by one, she formally introduced Qin Gui to everyone, “This is Qin Gui.

She was named by the empress herself.”

Qin Xin was a few months older than Qin Gui.

There were two girls in the Qin Family.

And Qin Gui became the third daughter of the Qin Family.

All that was left was the auspicious date when the ancestral hall would be opened and her name would enter the ancestral tree.

Zhongyi Marquis Mansion had only a few people.

The second branch had two sons and three daughters apart from Qin Xin who had just been adopted.

Whereas the third branch had one son and one daughter.

All of them were sons and daughters of concubines.

After Qin Gui was introduced to the relatives and had greeted them, Marchioness Su said kindly, “Guier, you will live in the Fragrant Courtyard from now on.

Aunt will give you a tour in a while.

If there is anything you dont like, you can tell me.

You dont need to hesitate, this is your home.”

“Thank you aunt.” Qin Gui smiled and thanked her.

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