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Qin Gui was quite surprised when she heard of this.

When she left, Li Jinzhu and Zhao Aman were doing quite well.

Why would they suddenly murder someone only to run away

“Thats right.” Qin Zening nodded his agreement.

He went to Jiangyu County under the behest of the emperor.

The local official gave him their full cooperation.

Therefore, he had also seen the case files of Li Jinzhu and his wife.

He retold Qin Gui everything, “The victims surname is Hua and everyone calls her Mrs.


She is a well-known matchmaker in that area.”

Speaking of this, Qin Zening took a careful glance at Qin Gui.

From what he had found out in his investigation, Mrs.

Hua was the matchmaker Xu Familys fool!

“The local government said that Mrs.

Hua died at Lis house.

She was hit by a heavy object on the back of her head.” Qin Zening narrated everything in a nutshell, “When Mrs.

Hua didnt return all night, her husband reported it to the officials, who found her corpse at Lis house.

And the Li Family had already disappeared by then.

All the valuables in their house were also missing.

So, the local government determined that the couple had killed Mrs.


They had issued an arrest warrant for them.

But so far, no one has been caught.”

Qin Gui was dumbfounded.

But after thinking about it, she figured out the ins and outs of the whole matter.

The Li Family must be having a hard time explaining to the Xu Family because of her running away.

And Mrs.

Hua was Xu Familys matchmaker.

She probably came to negotiate with them but they fell into a quarrel and Mrs.

Hua was then killed by the Li couple.

Qin Gui voiced her conjecture immediately, “When I left Yaoqing County, I saw officers and soldiers searching for a couple wanted for murder.

So they were Li Jingzhu and Zhao Aman.”

Qin Zening let out a soft snort and said, “Unfortunately, they escaped.”

When Qin Zening was in Jiangyu County, he specifically asked about the Xu Family.

Xu Familys daughter was married to the magistrate.

She was very much loved by the magistrate.

Whereas Master Xu regarded himself as the brother-in-law of the magistrate.

Whereas that fool of Xu Family was mentally retarded since birth.

For his sons future, Master Xu said that he would give a hundred taels of silver to any matchmaker who could find a bride for his son.

However, everyone cared for their daughters and would not let her marry a fool until Mrs.

Hua met Zhao Aman.

And the two hit it off.

Qin Zenings heart burned with anger.

Had sis not been alert and ran away promptly, God knows what would have happened to her!

Whether its Mrs.

Hua or the Li couple, they all deserved to die!

“Sis, does Qin Xin still doesnt know about this.” Qin Zening said again, “I guess the Li Family will come to the capital to look for Qin Xin when they have no way out!”

“I will not spare them!”

“We must make them pay for what you have suffered over the years bit by bit.”

Qin Zening stared at Qin Gui and said in a serious tone.

He was her elder brother.

He might not have been able to protect her in the past but he would never let her be wronged in the future!

Qin Guis heart burst with warmth, looking at the determined youth before her.

She never had a family since childhood.

So, she didnt care much even when she was transmigrated to this strange place.

But now…

She would also be sincere to him since he treats her sincerely.

Qin Gui pursed the corner of her lips as a bright and brilliant smile appeared on her face.

Qin Gui nodded her agreement.

“Big Brother, I understand.

But you shouldnt act rashly.”

The heroine has powerful plot armor.

Its quite easy to become a cannon fodder at the drop of a hat!

Sis really cares about me! Qin Zenings heart gladdened with joy.



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