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As soon as he smiled, the sharp edges and corners on his face softened a bit.

He was like a wild leopard that had suddenly turned into a big dog and started flapping its tail.

Qin Zening hurriedly replied, “Dont worry, Sis.

I am quite familiar with the troops of five cities.

Today, I will go and ask them to pay attention to them.”

Qin Zening held his chest proudly with a stance that says, I have a wide range of connections.

“Big Brother.” Qin Gui asked with a glimmer in her eyes, “What kind of person do you think Qin Xin is”

Qin Zening turned serious and quickly expressed his loyalty, “Sis, dont worry, I know everything about her!”

Qin Gui was amused by him.

Her beautiful apricot eyes shone brightly.

Qin Zening said again, “I tested Qin Xin.

She knew she was a fake.

She was less than four years old when she came to the Qin House but she had kept it from everyone for so many years.”

Speaking of this, Qin Zenings gaze grew sharper a little bit.

He understood the purpose of Qin Guis question.

Qin Xin wasnt just conniving but also very greedy.

She could not bear to part with all this glory and wealth.

She was greedy and would definitely want more.

She might do something if she thought that they were a hindrance to her.

Qin Zening raised his dashing eyebrows.

“I have an idea.

Ill tell you when the results are available.”

“Then I will leave it to you, Big Bro.” Qin Gui responded cheerfully.

Generally, Qin Zening would go to Glory Hall after bathing and changing clothes after practicing every morning but since Qin Gui was here today, he simply went along with her.

The brother and sisters duo arrived at Glory Hall, talking and laughing all along the way.

Just as they were about to enter the hall, they heard the dissatisfied Marchioness Su complain.

“…Mother, Xia Lian just went to give breakfast but Guier was gone.

What do you think…”

“Its early morning, has there been any educated girl who has not run around without a word.”

The young maid, who was just about to raise the curtain, looked at Qin Zening and Qin Gui at a loss.

She immediately announced, “Young Master, Third Miss.”

The voices coming from the inside went silent abruptly as the siblings walked in large strides.

Marchioness Su clenched the handkerchief in her hands at the sight of Qin Gui.

She furrowed her brow and sighed, “Guier, where were you Just now Xia Lian said that you had gone missing.

I panicked and came to your grandmother in a hurry.”

A frown was clearly visible on her forehead as if she was really worried about her niece and was rendered speechless.

Qin Zening crossed his arms before his chest and let out a chuckle mockingly, “Oh, Second Aunt, you cant say that.

They didnt even notice when their master went out! Did you appoint the servants for Sis or the ancestors”

Two first-class maids and two second-class maids were appointed to the daughter of the eldest branch of Zhongyi Marquis Mansion to serve them.

If these maids didnt even know when their lady went out, that would only mean that they werent paying attention to their master.

She is just a girl not some thief.

She wont jump over a wall.

Marchioness Su couldnt hold it any longer.

She switched the topic, “Guier, I have given you all their deeds.

You should punish them whenever they make mistakes.”

She meant that Qin Gui didnt know how to rein in her servants.

She had let her servants ride on top of her head.

It wasnt her fault.

However, it was just that Qin Gui had arrived at the Marquis Mansion just yesterday.

If they didnt notice that Marchioness Su didnt care about her, how could they dare to be so negligent!

And why couldnt they wait to tell Marchioness Su just after Qin Gui left to take the credit.

Qin Gui certainly understood this.

She smiled and agreed, “Since Second Aunt said so, then deferring to Second Aunts intention, Xia Lian will be punished with thirty slaps.”

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