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“I have been chased by a few enemies from the north to here.

They were unable to kill me but I was unable to get them off my back either.”

“The journey here, I have been traveling alone.

As for the other party… they had concerns, and didnt dare to search openly.

Why dont we act like siblings As long as were lucky, we can get them off our backs.”

The young man explained his situation simply.

Qin Gui got the crucial point however.

She asked expressionlessly, “What if were unlucky”

Xiao Ze curled his lips up and said half-heartedly, “Arent you quite smart”

“…” Qin Gui slightly widened her eyes.

Fine, she knew now.

Its because she was too smart that he ended up latching onto her.

By the time she finished drinking this glass of water, she had gotten some understanding of Xiao Ze.

Of course, just some superficial information.

There was only a tint of genuinity in his words.

She was unable to distinguish whether his words were truthful or not.

Simply put, she probably couldnt get rid of Xiao Ze anytime soon.

Just thinking about this made Qin Gui feel like there was nothing to live for.

She regretted this.

Why didnt she just act like she didnt notice anything before Maybe he wouldve left by the time she woke up.

The more Qin Gui thought about this, the more her head hurt.

She acted like she got nothing to lose and said, “Youre sleeping on the ground!”

Xiao Ze smiled.

He thought that she was thinking about how to get rid of him after seeing how worried and lost in trance she was.

Qin Gui ignored him and climbed back in bed, pulling the curtains over.

Tonight, Qin Gui was partially in a dream state.

She didnt get a steady sleep.

By the time she woke up from the nightmare where her heart was pierced by an arrow again, it was already morning.

Her head was buzzing and she felt incredibly tired as if she was really chased by people the entire night.

“Youre awake If you are, then come and eat breakfast.” The young mans gentle and kind voice rang by her ears.

Qin Guis head hurt even more.

Plain rice congee and a few types of pastries were placed on the old-fashioned square table.

Xiao Ze sat in front of the table, the corner of his lips lifted.

He was outstandingly handsome, elegant and noble like a noble young master raised within a strict and noble family.

He eluded a noble aura, but he was also distant.

He clearly treated his injuries already.

The scent of blood wasnt that heavy on him anymore.

Qin Gui didnt bother to be polite either.

When she finished rinsing, she started wolfing down food.

She ate two red-bean pastries in one gulp.

Without lifting her head, Qin Gui asked, “You didnt tell me yet.

How did you know Im going to Long Province”

Xiao Ze pushed a basket of steamed dumplings towards her, and said considerately, “Be careful, its hot.”

He said gently, “Its a long story.

I was hiding under an escort carriage of the Longwei Escort that was entering the city.

When I prepared to leave the escort place, I coincidentally saw you coming to hire bodyguards, so I listened on to the conversation a bit.”

This was short.

How was this a long story! Qin Gui silently thought to herself, taking a harsh bite of the steam dumpling.

She knitted her brows from being burnt.

She vaguely pressed, “Then what!”

Xiao Ze answered, “After I left the escort place, they almost got me again.

Then, I came here.”

It was as though he said nothing! Qin Gui slowly ate the steamed dumpling she grabbed with her chopsticks, too lazy to continue to ask.

“Eat slowly.” Xiao Ze considerately ladled a bowl of rice congee for her too.

He was inexplicably elegant as if he had calculated each move.

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