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Anyway, she was already on bad terms with the female lead, as the saying goes “when youre up to your ears in debt you stop worrying”.

“Haih.” Qin Jiu sighed, “Honestly, second sister!”

“Qin Jiu!” Elder Lady Qin angrily yelled at her, and the pity that she had for her in the past had been completely replaced by anger at this moment, “You dont even know what youve done wrong!”

Qin Jiu blinked with her big eyes and said innocently, “I dont understand what grandmother is talking about…… What did I do wrong”

“Grandma, dont continue any further.” Qin Xins voice sounded like she was crying, her eyelashes trembled, and it felt like tears would fall down at any moment.

“Its all my fault.

The third sister doesnt like me.

Grandma, just let me go to the rural village.” As she spoke, she got up to leave.

“Sister Xin, what nonsense are you talking about.” Elder Lady Qin hurriedly grabbed Qin Xin, gently patted Qin Xin on her back twice, and blurted out angrily, “Qin Jiu should be the one going there!”

After she spoke, Elder Lady Qin realised that this was a good idea.

Qin Jiu, this girl, she relied on Empress Weis support, thats why she could be so rampant, she just returned to the mansion and had already caused such trouble, the family wouldnt have peace.

If she continued to stay in the mansion, she would create so much conflict between everyone!

Today, sister Xin and sister Sheng took her to the chanting event out of kindness.


she actually talked nonsense in front of the noble ladies, exposing all of their secrets, without even caring about the reputation of the Marquesss family at all.

Lady Su was right.

The young girl who grew up in the countryside is uncultured, even if Empress Wei trained her to look proper on the outside, she could never change the fact that she still is the wild girl from the village.

She must let this girl know that she must abide by the rules of the Marquess family!

“Mama Cui,” Elder Lady Qin ordered with a stern face, “Order someone to prepare a carriage and send the third lady to Yang He village immediately!”

“Elder Lady Qin, the third lady…”

Mama Cui wanted to persuade her, but she was interrupted by Elder Lady Qin in a cold voice: “Dont say anything further, I must punish her today! I have to let her reflect upon her own mistakes.”

“When she knows what she did wrong, then she would only be allowed to come back!”

“Zhong Yi Marquess Mansion cannot tolerate a selfish person like her!”

Elder Lady Qin looked at Qin Jiu who was a few steps away, her gaze was sharp.

Qin Jiu stood still silently, with her head low, until Elder Lady Qin finished speaking, she then only raised her head up, crystal clear tears rolled in her eyes, her face plastered with innocence, and shouted: “Grandma… …”

Elder Lady Qin was taken aback by her sad expression.

She was dumbfounded and somewhat softened, but she suppressed her emotions and her voice rose by two pitches: “Mama Cui, what are you doing standing there Quickly prepare the carriage and send…..” her away.

“Grandma,” Qin Jius eyes seemed to have been washed by the rain, and they were clear and bright, reflecting clearly on Elder Lady Qins face, “It is clearly the second sisters fault, I am innocent.”

Qin Jiu sobbed slightly, and the last three words sounded both aggrieved and persistent.

“I know that grandmother favours my second elder sister.

After all, the second elder sister had stayed with grandmother for around ten years I wasnt the one who was taken back to the mansion back then!” Qin Jiu got more and more sad while she talked on, dabbing the corner of her eye with her handkerchief.

Her shoulders trembled slightly.

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