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She was born thin and small, and her big eyes were particularly prominent on her palm-sized face, making her look more pitiful.

Elder Lady Qin was soft-hearted.

Yes, it wasnt Qin Jius fault that she was raised in the countryside.

Qin Xin has a bad feeling in her heart.

She was raised alongside Elder Lady Qin since she was a child, she knows nothing better then her grandmothers indecisive temperament.

Qin Xin signaled Shu Xiang with her eyes, and Shu Xiang immediately understood what she meant, and whispered with her nervous expression: “Young lady……”

Shu Xiang took out the smelling salt and placed it under Qin Xins nose, and stroked Qin Xins back with one hand.

Elder Lady Qin looked at Qin Xins weak face, and her heart felt as if it was pricked by a needle.

The doctor just said that her second granddaughter was provoked, thats why she is so worried and depressed, and that she should rest for a few days.

Her sister Xin had never felt so wronged before!

When she thought of this, Elder Lady Qin persisted, “Qin Jiu, you……”

“Grandma,” Qin Jius face was sulking, sobbing and crying out of breath, “Since you like the second sister so much, why did you have to take me back”

“Since the Qin family cant accept me, I will leave now!”

“The Empresss aunt really likes me, she will definitely believe me.”

“I will never come back again!”

Qin Jiu covered her small mouth with a handkerchief, she sobbed out loud, turned and ran away.

“Little sister!” Qin Ze Ning hurried to catch up with her.

The curtains at the door leading outside were continuously lifted and dropped.

The curtain swayed in mid-air, and the sound of footsteps gradually faded away.

Elder Lady Qin: “……”

What did she just say !


She wants to send Qin Jiu to the village, but where is she now

Elder Lady Qin stared blankly at the curtain in front of her, slightly dazed, for a while, she didnt know how to respond to the situation.

After Qin Jiu ran to the Rong An halls courtyard, she put down the handkerchief in her hand, her small jade-like face was clean and there were no traces of tears.

She tucked her handkerchief into her sleeve, turned her head towards the back and smiled brilliantly towards the Qin Ze Ning that “followed her out”, her eyes shining like the cold stars in the sky.

Just now when Elder Lady Qin said that she was going to send Qin Jiu to the village, Qin Ze Ning felt angry and was about to go wild, but was quietly stopped by Qin Jiu who was secretly tugging on his clothes.

Qin Ze Ning remained calm at first, and the next moment, he saw his sister “cry” even more sorrowful than Qin Xin……

Her innocence and grievances, anyone who saw or heard her would feel bad for her.


This is so interesting!

She deserves to be his sister, her actions completely suited his style!

Qin Ze Ning looked at his sister who was a head shorter than himself, and the corners of his lips curled up.

When the young man smiled, his handsome face was shining like a ray of light from the sun, refreshing and energetic.

“Big brother, remember to tell Mama Cui later, to not worry.” Qin Jiu said again.

Just now, Mama Cui repeatedly signaled her with her eyes with a worried look, obviously she was really worried about the both of them.

Qin Ze Ning nodded in response, and said, “Little sister, I will send you to the palace first.”

So, Qin Ze Ning rode all the way on his horse, escorting Qin Jius carriage out of the mansion.

Qin Ze Ning led the imperial guards along, he handed over his badge at the palace gate, and asked someone to report to Empress Wei.

Not long after, the little servant of Feng Luan Palace hurried over and led Qin Jiu in.



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