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He just coincidentally hid in this tavern, but who knew that he would meet this little girl again.

Even more, she noticed him.

Therefore, an idea popped up.

He decided to fool his enemies with this girl.

Qin Gui would never let herself suffer.

She started ravaging the food, and almost all the pastries on the table had gone in her stomach.

Xiao Ze tried out each pastry.

If it werent that he had tried it and confirmed that these were just ordinary good, he wouldve almost thought that she was eating some sort of delicious food.

This girl looked quite skinny, but she has quite the good appetite.

Plus, she has a straightforward personality.

Shed eat and sleep to her content…He originally thought that she wouldnt be able to sleep last night, but who knew that she ended up sleeping better than he did.

Even more, she ended up waking up late in the morning!

Qin Gui left the room when it was time to meet up with Longwei Escorts people.

Xiao Ze tagged along as her elder brother.

Xiao Ze wore a conical bamboo hat and walked alongside Qin Gui.

The sun was quite glaring at this season.

There were many people wearing conical bamboo hats too, so he didnt seem out of place.

After the head of Longwei Escort found out that another person was coming along, he didnt ask but required another hundred silver taels.

Therefore, Qin Gui lost another banknote.

After she left the escort place, Qin Gui suddenly laughed and said to Xiao Ze, “Elder brother, I want to buy some blush.”

She smiled cutely, revealing a pair of faint dimples, innocent and cute.

“Sister, you want me to choose some blush for you, hm” Xiao Ze acted like a gentleman.

“Girls should dress themselves up.”

Qin Gui stared at him before smiling and waving her index finger.

“No, no.

The blush is for elder brother.”

Xiao Ze froze before smiling, lightly scolding, “Nonsense.”

A smile floated on the young mans lips.

He had a noble temperament like an elder brother patiently glancing at his troublesome sister.

Qin Gui knew that this person wasnt as innocent as he portrayed himself to be.

Acting alarmed, she immediately, “I just wanted to buy some blush to deepen my elder brothers skin tone.

That way, you can disguise yourself.”

Not for Xiao Ze, but for her life, she must help him no matter what.

Xiao Ze lifted his brows, his expression containing some unknown feeling.

He reached over and pulled his conical bamboo hat down a bit.

Since it was for Xiao Ze to use, Qin Gui had him pay for himself.

Then, she brought a bunch of bottles and items back to the tavern.

Qin Gui was skilled.

Within a small cups worth of time, she helped transform Xiao Zes skin tone to a tan color.

Qin Gui carefully observed Xiao Zes face.

He had to admit that Xiao Ze was much more beautiful than the majority of the women.

He had thick brows and icy eyes, lips dyed in red.

Heaven mustve doted upon him.

There was not a single flaw to nitpick, and he was so handsome that one couldnt shift their gaze from him.

Xiao Ze originally had smooth and fair skin, making him seem noble yet cold.

Now, his skin color was much darker than before.

However, this didnt make him lose his charm.

Instead, it made him look more gentle and amiable.

He seemed like…

A goddess that suddenly descended heaven!

Qin Gui suggested, up to mischief, “Elder brother is already so beautiful.

You must look good wearing womens clothes.

Do you want to try”

Qin Guis eyes sparkled and brightened, already accustomed to calling him “elder brother.”

After a pause, she added, “You can avoid being found like this too.”

Xiao Ze looked quietly at Qin Gui, curling his red lips up, his attention on her.

Qin Gui suddenly felt a sense of iciness surging within her heart as if she was stalked by a fierce beast.

Qin Gui immediately admitted defeat.

“Im sorry!”

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