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The cool autumn breeze caressed their faces, with a hint of a sweet and refreshing scent.

Although the flowers in the royal garden during autumn hadnt fully bloomed yet as compared to spring, it was still an amazing scenery to look at, all kinds of chrysanthemums, osmanthus, wood hibiscus and many more bloomed together, filling the autumn breeze with a burst of floral fragrance.

The girls parted ways, some continued on a walk, some chased after butterflies, some were looking at the beautiful flowers and some sat by the lake, everyone was enjoying themselves.

Qin Jiu sat in the waterside pavilion for a moment, and a girl dressed in pink came over.

“Qins third daughter” She gracefully introduced herself, “Im from Wei Yuan Bo residence, I am also the third child, Jiao Niang is my nickname.”

Qin Jiu looked at her in confusion.

Ever since Qin Jiu followed Empress Wei back to the capital, Empress Wei had roughly told her about the complicated relationship between the residences in the capital.

It was too complicated that she didnt remember any of them.

She dived into her memory but she really couldnt remember which family does the Wei Yuan Bo residence belong to, and decided to point at the box of fish food : “Do you want to feed the fish”

Yun Jiao Niang smiled and sat beside her, she casually grabbed a handful of fish food and tossed it into the lake, the tails of the goldfish that was similar to a phoenix swarmed up..….

She passionately said: “Qins third daughter, I have never liked Qing Xi.”

Although the incident in Sheng Hua hall was only witnessed by a few, but the incident itself was so interesting that it spread like a bush fire, in just a few days, all the noble ladies in the capital would have heard of it.

Yun Jiao Niang had heard several version of the story, some said that Qin Xis biological parents were murderers, some said that she was a devil, and would bring bad luck to her parents and husband, and some even said that the second prince is her true love, and the prince would not take anyone other than her.

Qin Jiu: “….:”

Yun Jiao Niang ranted to herself: “You have no idea, Qing Xi always looked down on others, and treated us like ordinary folk and only herself as a goddess.

I have no idea what she is prideful of…”

She didnt even expect Qin Jiu to reply, and was happily talking to herself, until a female voice on the other side interrupted her: “ The emperor is here!”

Once everyone heard the news, the noble ladies around the lake got excited and looked towards the southeast direction.

Ten feet away, the emperor, who was in a bright yellow robe, was walking towards them with a few others, they were casually strolling through the garden.

Besides the several older princesses and Gu Zhe Zhi from the Duke Duan residence, there was an unfamiliar figure.

There was a handsome teenager from a different nation, he looked tall and fit, with profound facial figures, and had a pair of deep blue eyes that was like the blue sky and the ocean.

His whole body exuded a different type of manly aura.

Xin An and the other noble ladies hurriedly stepped forward to greet them, and neatly bowed down to the emperor.

The emperor was in a good mood today, he smiled happily, and signaled everyone to just forego these formalities.

Only then, the noble ladies stood up and thanked the emperor.

When Qin Jiu straightened herself, the corner of her eyes glanced at Gu Zhe Zhi.

Gu Zhe Zhi smiled, with refined grace, he was like the glistening bamboo that stood tall and straight, he had an excellent personality and character.

He was very sweet and friendly, but she didnt dare to act too presumptuous in front of him.

Qin Jiu obediently smiled at him, and greeted him: “Big brother.”



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