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Gu Zhe Zhi smiled warmly, and said: “ I heard that you, my sister, made something quite interesting.”

Something interesting Qin Jiu froze for a moment, is he talking about the Rubiqs cube that she made for Gu Zheng

Hearing her golden patrons small request, Qin Jiu hurriedly replied: “Tomorrow……I will ask someone to send the cube to you.”

Both of them burst into laughter, there was an unspeakable harmony between them.

The people around them including the emperor and Xin An looked at them subtly, the emperor raised his eyebrows.

Most of the noble ladies there had heard the gossip about Qin Jiu greeting the third prince as big brother at the chanting event.

However, they were doubted that it was true, as the both of them were from totally different worlds, it wasnt possible for them to be so close.

Some of them were looking at Gu Zhe Zhi, and some were secretly peeping at the teenager that was standing on the emperors left.

Some of them had correctly guessed his identity.

A few days ago, the second prince of Bei Yan served as a representative to visit Da Qi.

Since the teenager dared to walk alongside the emperor, hence he should be the second prince of Bei Yan, Ye Lu Luan.

It was said that the second prince of Bei Yan came to Daqi this time to make peace with them, and was hoping they could foster a good relationship.

“Zhe Zhi, are you familiar with Jiu”

The emperor looked at them, and asked out of curiosity.

Gu Zhe Zhi had been in the capital for a few days, and the emperor hadnt seen him act so pleasantly and friendly to the other ladies.

Gu Zhe Zhi smiled and nodded, his smile was warm.

Qin Jiu: “……” Alright, shell just follow his plans.

The emperor thoughtfully touched the jade ring on his thumb.

Gu Zhe Zhi was born and raised in the north, and had only been to the capital once nine years ago.

That time, he was only ten years old.

That year, Gu Zhe Zhi followed Duke Duan and stayed in the capital for 3 months before leaving.

The emperor knew something about his cousin brother who was approximately 20 years younger than him.

Gu Zhe Zhis personality had always been very gentle, when he was 10, he was already very mature, elegant and solemn, and always had a sweet smile on him.

The emperor has not seen him angry before, sometimes the smile of Gu Zhe Zhis face felt like a mask.

However, seeing how he treated Qin Jiu, the emperor realised that his “mask” seemed to have loosened, an idea popped into the emperors mind.

Three days ago, the emperor received a letter from Duke Duan.

In the letter, Duke Duan stated that he would thoroughly investigate the matter surrounding Gu Zhe Zhis assasination.

If it was really done by the prince of Duke Duan, Gu Cheng Zhi, he would definitely inform Gu Zhe Zhi.

On the other hand, Duke Duan had also asked the emperor to arrange a marriage for Gu Zhe Zhi.

By year end, Gu Zhe Zhi would be 20 years old.

He should have been married long ago, but firstly, he refused to; Secondly, Duke Duan was placed in a difficult position to arrange for Gu Zhe Zhis marriage.

At that time, the eldest son of Duke Duan, Gu Cheng Zhi has yet to be honored as crown prince, and his eldest daughter in law was just a lady from an ordinary fourth grade officers family.

If he picked a wife that was of a higher status for Gu Zhe Zhi, he was afraid it would intensify the conflict between the brothers, and would cause disharmony between the sisters-in-laws.

However, if he had to compare between the two, Gu Zhe Zhi as the dukes eldest sons, a wife from an ordinary fourth grade officers family wasnt worthy of his identity.

Because of this, Gu Zhe Zhi wasnt married at the age of 20 yet.

A crown prince at his age should already have 2 to 3 children, and Duke Duan was getting anxious.

On the contrary, Gu Zhe Zhi was calm about his marriage, in desperation, Duke Duan sought help from the emperor.



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