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After Qin Jiu bowed politely, Empress Dowager Liu ordered someone to bring her a seat and she eagerly started talking to her: “Jiu, tell me more about the old priest, what does he look like”

Empress Dowager Liu followed the Emperor and called her Jiu.

Qin Jiu tilted her small face, like she was trying to recall, and said: “The old priest had white eyebrows and a long beard, and he also had a childlike face.

Although his head was covered with silver hair, there werent any wrinkles on his face.

He was wearing a gray robe and holding a silver-white whisk in his hand.

He had a divine poise and sagelike aura.”

“Even if he was questioned by Master Cheng and the pilgrims around him, he still remained calm and composed.”

The more Empress Dowager Liu listened on, the more she felt that he was the true master of cultivation, she then asked: “Jiu, do you know his cultivation name”

“I dont know.” Qin Jiu shook her head.

Empress Dowager Liu was slightly disappointed, and murmured: “I dont know if I can find him……”

Qin Jiu said with a smile: “You can send more people on the lookout for him.

If you can find him, it means that you two are tied by the fate of the gods; if you cant find him, its just not the right time yet.”

Empress Dowager Liu felt that Qin Jiu was right, she nodded slightly and thought to herself: Yes, the Emperor is tied by the fate of the gods, even if she couldnt find him now, it just wasnt the right time for their paths to cross yet.

“It is so hard to track this immortal down!” Empress Dowager Liu sighed, “This old priest has true immortal powers.

Not everyone is fated to cross paths with him!”

“Youre right!” Qin Jiu nodded in agreement, “Now that Ive given it some thought, I realised that his advice was very enlightening.”

“The old priest said that there are plenty of people in the world, they dont even possess the true skills as a cultivator, but they still had the nerve to use their skills to deceive the people, so a real spirit elixir is rare to come by.

Not only would an inferior elixir poison a person, it would also destroy their reputation!”

“Well said!” Empress Dowager Liu was distracted, she felt that Qin Jiu was her confidant, and she connected well with her, “There are too many people out there who deceive the innocent.”

She was suddenly reminded of the deceitful Yun Guang, Empress Dowager Liu furrowed her brows.

Even Yun Guang, a priest who had built a strong reputation in the capital was a fake.

It can be seen how complicated the world is now, its indeed “rare to come by.”

If there were more reputable cultivators who offered inferior elixirs to the emperor, wouldnt it mean that they used her to indirectly harm the emperor!

The more Empress Dowager Liu thought about it, the more afraid she was as she murmured: “I have to find the old priest……”

Thats right, she will send someone to Yu province and Jiang Nan tomorrow to look for him!

Before she finds the old priest, she will never fall in anyones trap again!

Qin Jiu naturally overheard the Empress Dowager Lius whisper, she smiled slightly and she thought to herself: So now, the Empress Dowager will not let the Emperor take any strange elixirs again.

As for whether she can find the “old priest”, it just wasnt the right time for their paths to cross yet.

Empress Dowager Liu looked at Qin Jiu, thinking to herself how good this little girl before her was, and everything she said to her was like candy to her ears.

The Empress Dowager Liu smiled even more pleasantly, then she sent Qin Jiu back to her seat with the Qin family.

After Qin Jiu bowed to Empress Dowager Liu, she backed away.

Empress Dowager Liu looked at Qin Jius slender figure from the back and sighed: “The jewelleries on this little girl are so dull and plain, whats wrong with the Empress, she doesnt even know how to make her some jewelry sets.”

The Mama hurriedly agreed with the Empress Dowager Liu in response.

Empress Dowager Liu felt that she was more caring than the Empress, and ordered: “Mama Feng, bring my peony-patterned jewellery box to me.”

Mother Feng immediately did what she was told.

After a while, Qin Jiu, who had just returned to her seat, received a jewelry box under everyones envious gaze.

“Third Lady Qin,” Mama Feng said with a smile, “These are the jewellery that the Empress Dowager had used when she was young.

Her highness said that it was most suitable for girls of your age.”

“Mama Feng, please thank the Empress Dowager for me.” Qin Jiu accepted it cheerfully.

After todays incident, she suddenly realised that the Empress Dowager Liu who had always sided the second prince and was such a nuisance in the original story was actually not so difficult to deal with after all.

Empress Dowager Liu was more like a child, all she had to do was please her.

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