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He held onto the handkerchief with his white and slender fingers, his nails were trimmed clean.

When he raised his hand, the cuffs of his robe slipped down slightly, revealing his beautiful forearms.

The lilac-colored handkerchief was delicate and soft, and the young mans fingers were firm and strong.

Exact opposites.

The breeze that blew past was accompanied with a faint scent, subtle, the scent felt refreshing and elegant, like orchids, along with the scent of clear morning dew that lingered on the tip of Qin Jius nose.

Qin Jiu almost wanted to ask him what scent it was, but she changed her words abruptly: “Thank you, big brother.”

Qin Jiu batted her hazel eyes, she smiled sweetly and obediently.

“You should head back in.” Gu Ze Zhi handed her the handkerchief, and calmly glanced at a rock that was southeast from where they were at.

His gaze was slightly cold, and the corner of his lips was still smiling.

She always listened to Gu Ze Zhi, and nodded hurriedly, “Big brother, Ill head back to the birthday banquet now.”

Right after she finished speaking, she lifted her gown and left, her movements were agile.

When Qin Jiu returned to the banquet, Qin Xin had already gone back before her, she was sitting next to Lady Su, the hatred in her gaze grew stronger.

She almost succeeded just now!

In the hall, a song just ended, followed by a row of dancers who entered the hall, they started dancing around gracefully, everyone was dazzled by their performance.

The birthday banquet was even more lively than before, the royal children were entertaining Empress Dowager Liu and she laughed along happily, the tense situation that Priest Yun Guang had created just now disappeared into thin air.

Two hours later, Empress Dowager Lius birthday banquet ended, and Elder Lady Qin asked Qin Jiu to head back with them.

However, Qin Jiu was called by a palace servant sent by Empress Wei.

Hence, the Qin family could only head back to the Marquess Mansion without her.

The next day, what had happened to Priest Yun Guang started to spread around town.

As Priest Yun Guang was sent to Jing Zhao Mansion by Empress Dowager Liu herself, Jing Zhao Yin didnt show mercy during the trial.

Priest Yun Guang couldnt hold back during the interrogation and confessed to the evil things she had done over the years, including the incident about the birth charms.

This caused an uproar throughout the capital.

Even Elder Lady Qin had heard about it, she was dumbfounded, and muttered to herself: “How is it possible……Its not possible.

Is this some sort of  a mistake”

“Elder Lady Qin, its true.” Mama Cui too had a puzzled look on her face.” The An Ding Marquess family also knows about this, their grandson looks exactly like one of the workers in Xuan Qing Guan, a wide forehead, a fat nose and he too was cross-eyed……”

Elder Lady Qin felt a hot steam rush to the top of her head, and she felt dizzy.

Mama Cui quickly handed Elder Lady Qin a cup of tea.

Elder Lady Qin took a sip of the tea, she slowly calmed down and said, “Yun Guang is such a wicked cultivator!”

Yesterday, when Qin Jiu said that Priest Yun Guang was taken down by Empress Dowager Liu, she was still doubtful, later on she asked Qin Xin again.

Qin Xin only said that Empress Dowager Liu suspected that the elixirs cultivated by the Priest Yun Guang were inferior elixirs.

Elder Lady Qin believed that the royal family was just overreacting, she still felt that Priest Yun Guang was wronged.

Priest Yun Guang was well-known in the capital.

Not only did she make elixirs for the Emperor and the Empress Dowager, but she also studied physiognomy and Feng Shui.

Also, her birth charms were extremely effective, everyone wanted to seek help from her, so that she could read their fortune, she never expected her to be an evil cultivator!

“Fortunately, our family never really had close ties with her.” Elder Lady Qin patted her chest in relief.

“Yes, mother.” Lady Su sighed, “An Ding Marquess family is in deep trouble, Im afraid that they both would have to die.”

Lady Su sighed and thought to herself: The nobleman has plenty of concubines, none of them could give birth to a child.

So, their only child was raised and treasured so preciously.

Now, with this shocking news, not only the wife would have to die, even the crown prince would have to be executed along with her.


Priest Yun Guang really caused a lot of trouble.

This matter had nothing to do with the Zhong Yi Marquess family.

After Elder Lady Qin had heard about it, all she could do was sigh.

However, a thought appeared in Lady Sus mind, she said hurriedly: “Mother, Sister Jiu…… On the day of the chanting event, Sister Jiu repeatedly questioned Yun Guang if she was an evil cultivator, and it was also because of this, Sister Jiu went into the palace to look for the Empress.”

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