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He was only six or seven years old.

He had to plough the wasteland and build city walls at dawn every day.

If he was too slow, he would be beaten.

All he ate every day was just cold steamed buns.

At that time, having to eat meat was nearly impossible, if he was even able to dig some vegetables from the field or capture a hare, the family would be overjoyed.

Those three years in Min province were very tough!

Later, the Qin family was rehabilitated.

After returning to the capital, he worked hard to learn martial arts as he wanted to earn himself a bright future, to become a dependable big brother for his younger siblings, so that they wouldnt need to suffer any more.

Later, he went to Xi Shan Camp.

At that time, Qin Zeyu was still very young, however, in the Marquess Mansion, there was Qin Xin, his “biological sister” and his grandmother, so he was not too worried about it.

As he continued on, he snapped his fingers and criticized: “Skipping classes, fighting, hitting his teacher, and spending money lavishly…… I can still accept all of this, but hes so unreasonable! Look at him, after listening to Qin Xins words, hes totally on her side……”

He looked slightly helpless, and also distressed, “Yus future will really be ruined if he keeps on acting like this, so I asked someone to send him off to Songfeng Academy so that he could learn to control his temper.

In the end, only after a few months, he dropped out of school!”

Qin Jiu said, “Are the second elder brother and third younger brother in the mansion as spoiled as him too”

The Qins second and third young masters were both Lady Sus sons.

Now they were both studying in the Imperial College, everyone always praised them when they were mentioned.

Qin Zeyu was purposely spoiled.

Qin Zening was silent.

He had suspected this before, but he thought about Qin Xin, a “real sister” who was watching over him in the Marquess Mansion, Qin Zhun and Lady Su wouldnt simply raise Qin Zeyu the wrong way, but now……

There was a difference between pouring your heart into raising him and not.

Qin Zening smiled mockingly.

Qin Jiu didnt say much about this, and hurriedly got into the carriage, Qin Zening rode away on a horse, one after another, they left the mansion.

Deshun theatre was located on Changsheng Street at the west of the capital.

It was the busiest street there and was always crowded.

There were many people walking around that street and vendors occupied both sides of the street.

She ordered the coachman to stop the carriage at the front of the street.

Qin Jiu got out of the carriage and walked along Changsheng Street with Qin Zening.

Deshun theatre was one of the three major theaters in the capital.

The most popular female cast at the time was there.

The entire theater was very large, with a stage at the front, the dining area in the middle, and a huge garden at the back.

When they heard that Qin Zening and the others were here to look for someone, the boss quickly welcomed them in, and said politely: “Those young masters came here last night, they booked the whole theatre and kept drinking till dawn……”

As soon as he stepped into the dining area behind the stage, a strong wave of alcohol rushed right into his face.

Qin Jiu frowned.

A few teenagers of the same age were either sprawled on the table, or lying on the ground.

The wine jars, jugs, and glasses were messily thrown on the ground, god knows how much they drank.

Qin Zenings face suddenly was stern, he strode in, grabbed Qin Zeyus arm among the bunch of drunk kids, and roughly dragged him up from the ground.

Qin Zeyu was half awake as he looked up in a daze, as if he recognized Qin Zening, he tried to get away from him, but Qin Zening was much more stronger than him, so he dragged him along by the collar.

After leaving the place, he threw him into the carriage, and told the owner of the theater: “Send someone to Zhang Mansion, Shun Ning Marquess Mansion, Jing Yong Bo Liao……”



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