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Qin Zening mentioned a series of mansions, “Inform them to come by and pick up their young masters.”

The boss agreed to it.

Qin Zening didnt bother to care for those boys anymore, and returned to the mansion with his younger siblings.

Qin Jiu also sat in the carriage, she looked at Qin Zeyu, who was drunk, an indescribable feeling surged in her heart, it made her feel stuffy and uncomfortable, perhaps it was because he was tied by blood with the original character.

In the novel, the original characters three siblings were all cannon fodders.

Qin Zeyu always stood by Qin Xins side after the original character returned, he refused to accept her, even after knowing that Qin Xin was not related to him by blood.

He developed some kind of yearning for her, but at that time, Qin Xin was already the second princes concubine, so he could only bury this longing in his heart and silently protect Qin Xin in his own way.

Qin Xins enemy was his enemy, and Qin Xins nemesis was also his nemesis, including Qin Jiu.

After the original character was kicked out of Qins family, he clapped his hands and cheered, right until he was told about the news of the original characters death.

Qin Zeyu started to spend his days aimlessly and was addicted to alcohol.

In the novel, his ending was only briefly talked about by the others, it was said that he ran to question Qin Xin while he was drunk and asked her whether she had anything to do with Qin Jius death, he was then chased away by the guards.

Qin Xin didnt embarrass Qin Zeyu.

On that very day, Qin Zeyu accidentally fell from his horse as he was riding around the capital……

Qin Zeyu was sixteen years old when he died, but now, he was still just a kid who just turned twelve years old.

If this brat was being too naugty, they have to punish him!

When they returned to the Marquess Mansion, Qin Zening dragged the brat towards his own outer courtyard, and Qin Jiu followed along.

During the Qi dynasty, there were not as many strict rules towards women.

With Qin Zenings support and Empress Wei behind her back, no one would dare to say that Qin Jiu wasnt following the rules by going into Qin Zeyus courtyard.

Qin Zeyus Yi Jia courtyard and Qin Zenings courtyard were just right beside each other.

As soon as they entered, two maids in blue came and greeted them.

They were also about thirteen or fourteen years old, slender, one of them gave off a charming and lovely aura, while the other looked pure and lively.

“Fifth Master, whats wrong with you!”

As soon as the two maids saw Qin Zeyu all drunk, they felt anxious and ran forward to carry Qin Zeyu.

Qin Jiu frowned, before she spoke, Qin Zening said impatiently: “Go away.”

Qin Zening carried him into the house by himself, and Qin Zenings servant glared at the two maids and scolded, “Are you two still not going to leave.”

The two maids looked at each other hesitantly.

Upon seeing that Qin Zening remained silent, they obediently retreated.

Qin Jiu gently instructed the young servant: “Go get a basin of water, and then…… pour it on him.”

The servant hesitated, Qin Zening immediately said, “Listen to her.”

Soon, a basin of cold water was poured on Qin Zeyu.

It was late autumn, with such a basin of cold water being poured on him, Qin Zeyu immediately shot up from the cold and he wasnt as drunk anymore.

He raised his hand to shake the water off his face, opened his eyes, and at a glance, he saw Qin Jiu standing in front of him with her arms wrapped around her, a fire grew in him.

“Qin Jiu, what are you doing!”

Qin Zeyu asked furiously.

However, his hair and face were now wet, and his hair was still dripping with water.

He felt very embarrassed and his anger didnt come to effect at all.

Qin Jiu asked slowly: “What did you call me”

“Qin Jiu!”

“Qin Jiu!”

“Qin Jiu!”



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